Art Diaries: Practice makes perfect

by - August 22, 2011

Since I really can't keep up posting outfit posts all the time, I decided to create "Art Diaries." A segment on my blog where i'll be posting a few of my work/doodles. I haven't been doing art for quite awhile because of the course I'm in. It doesn't require much of that, so I figured to not lose my touch for art, i'll do this. After all, my blog name is ARTSY FARTSY AVA, right? 

I've gotten a couple of hate comments on my FS before regarding my art, so to clarify things, I know my art is not like Picasso, Henry Matisse and other modern artists out there and it can actually look like a grade schoolers art work, but all I can say to that is, it's mine. I did it and I'm happy with it. If you don't like seeing it, there's always the [x] button up there. :) 

Anyhoo, here's the first of my Art Diaries!

Water colors


Tribal prints


Crack polish

x A.F.A.

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  1. Art + nail polish... Who knew? :D

  2. haters should just go ahead and have a life. art is personal. it really is subjective so shoo away bad vibes. haha!

    colorful works, shouts "happy thoughts!" all over! nice! =)

  3. love your work...
    check out my blog and join my giveaway contest..

  4. I love the last one crack polish :)
    nice art Ava

    Glenn of Gencified :)

  5. inggit ako you're so creative Ava :)


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