My Thai-Kong.♥

by - August 22, 2011

This picture was taken circa 1995, meaning I was just 6 years old. I'm with my Thai-Kong (great grandfather) here and this was just a few days after my birthday. He's been gone for more than a decade and I really do miss him. Whenever I visit Taiwan, my Mom would make sure that he sees me. I stay over at his place and he would talk to me endlessly. He loves smoking so I remember drawing him a picture than had a big "NO SMOKING" sign on it and he just looked and smiled/laughed at it. I love him for always being open minded.

He died at the age of 92. Not because of old age, but because he fell down the stairs. He was a strong man and tried his best to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Up to this day I consider myself really fortunate that I was able to spend my childhood with him because I know that not all can experience that.  I thank God for making my Thai-Kong live that long for me to meet him and spend time with him.

I don't really know why after all these years am I just writing about him now. I guess I just miss the old man and I feel really sad that he was buried really far from us so we don't know how we could visit him. All we have here at home is a small altar dedicated to him and my Thai-ma (Chinese tradition). But I know wherever he is, he's happy with her and God.

Thai-Kong, I know I'll see you again someday. But for now, I miss you. Thank you for all the good memories. I mean that. I can't remember a bad memory with you. It was always great. I love you.

Love your great granddaughter, Aa.

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  1. Cute photo Ava. It made me miss my lolo :(

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  2. i never saw my great gans and few times ive seen my gran and grannys both sides coz my dad side is at africa and mom philippines, i really miss them all :) my granny father side is still alive and kicking :) i hear her voice on the phone and (i cant explain the feeling) it makes u sad and happy u know..

  3. sweet, there are days when i also miss my pahoney...but you we both know how they lived and we're sure they're in a better place now :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments :)


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