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by - August 03, 2011

Went to Greenhills last Monday to attend an event and to celebrate my Ama's 75th birthday at Crystal Jade restaurant. The food there is SO good! Especially the Xia Long Bao. My gosh. I'm craving for it as a type this!




Cheers to another healthy year for my grandma. She just had eye surgery, reason for the transparent glasses and she's all better now. :) Happy Birthday to my Ama and second mother!:)

Since both events were special, I decided to dress up a bit and play around with my prints. I wore my abstract blazer with a striped yellow top and my new floral peace necklace. It seemed so printed already, so to balance it off, I wore plain blue shorts, grey doll shoes and my canvas lime green cambridge inspired satchel. BTW, I love this bag to bits! Don't you just love the color too??






blazer: lmm
top and shorts: edc
shoes: ichigo
necklace: c/o superfluously
satchel: impulse co

Did you see Impulse Co's new collection? Hope you did cos some are already sold out. ;)

Classes got suspended for me today, so a lot more time for blogging! haha! Oh do check out my previous entry about the GLAM CAMP event. I'm giving away 2 exclusive invites to my readers!:)

Hope everyone's safe in their homes. Will blog about the Mang Inasal event soon!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. so colorful! pretty! =) i love that peace sign necklace! <3

  2. I love Crystal Jade's Fried Noodles in Macau Style and Beijing Style! Hahaha

  3. love your satchel ava! and you are rocking that printed blazer! =)

    I Am Dollparts

  4. i covet those blazer! i love how you managed to mix the colors.. you look glowing.. come drop by my blog if you have time ;)


  5. i didnt notice that floral peace necklace, its so cute. i love crystal jade too, my favorite merienda is their spicy chicken roll ( i think it has a different name on the menu)super good! :)

  6. I love everything in your outfit ava! But my fave would have to be your satchel! such nice jolt of color! :)

  7. love the satchel, ava! this post made me miss my grandma. cheers to your lola and for healthy years ahead. :)

  8. Happy birthday to your grandmum ;)

  9. love your blazer! and your bag is so pretty!! :>

  10. The blazer. The floral Hippie peace necklace. The satchel. All three to die for! <333

    Cheers to your Ama's 75th - hope your family had a blast! :)



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