These Dreams...

by - August 16, 2011


These dreams under my pillow
In the twilight of these white nights
these dreams under my pillow

In the twilight of these white nights
Of these white nights

The video starts in her room and suddenly drifts into her dreams of different scenarios. It also becomes random and confusing. Don't you agree that dreams become like that? 

Anyhoo, I love this woman and how unconventional her music videos are. Did I mention I also love her sense of fashion? She's my inspiration! 

x A.F.A.

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  1. I love the video and the song, Ava! And yes, I agree. Dreams can sometimes be really confusing and random.

  2. Whoa, there's another video to it na pla <3 hihi well i first heard/saw it here, i thought it was already the official music video 8) but yeah this one you posted, is so quirky! it reminds me of Lily Allen's "The Fear" music video ;)


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