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by - September 11, 2011

If there's one bag that I can never get tired of it would be the satchel. I bet some of you already know how much I do. I call it the satchel fever or better yet, obsession. But we all have a budget in mind, so I can't really afford to have a Cambridge Satchel since I'm on a student budget, so fortunately for us students right now that almost all online stores sell them and you can also find them in different shapes, sizes and prices!

One store who sells good quality satchels; in different styles is, PARIS DREAMS...

The store is owned by Iea Ranque and the stuff she sells is mostly pre-order but looking at her items, I'm sure its worth the wait. ;)



Cambridge satchels would normally cost about 4-8K a bag but Paris Dreams offer their Cambrige inspired satchels for only Php 1,800. The leather they use is Nuback next to the real thing. :)


Of course if she has Cambridge, she also carries the ever so popular, Mulberry Satchel. These are on hand already so go buy one now!:)


Among all her satchels, this caught my fancy because you can actually customize it! You can order any color you like or even create a two-tone satchel. It's already a bit pricey because they can use authentic leather if you wish and it's definitely cute!:)

The bags are love at first sight aren't they?? I sure love them. :) So, if you wish to order, just visit the store at the ff link...

Oh BTW, Paris Dreams is also one of my giveaway sponsors. Did you already guess what i'll be giving away from her?;)

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  1. These are preeetttty, Ava!~

    Thanks for sharing.

    Yup, can't wait for that giveaway :D

  2. i am a happy and satisfied client of paris dreams. i got the hot pink satchel. =)

  3. Ohhh, that's so cute! I wish they were big enough to hold my galaxy tab and huge wallet though. =/



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