Peg: Luxe Grunge

by - September 05, 2011

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"Luxe Grunge (also known as boho-chic or "luxe bohemian") is a chicer updated grunge-boho collection; an unkempt approach to wardrobe, popularized by celebrities such as the Olsen twins."

I guess a few of you already noticed that some of my blogger friends, including me now have been wondering about this "LUXE GRUNGE" fashion. Frankly, we're a bit puzzled and we feel like fashion students trying to figure out how to pull it off. =P We even googled and researched it for the sake of not making a mistake on the day itself. Haha! Challenging but fun! I love it. Can't wait to see what the friends will be wearing and how we'll rock, Luxe Grunge this Wednesday. Good luck to us, Ladies!!!

x A.F.A.

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  1. lol, came across these din. im really liking acne, sana i can afford :P havent decided on final outfit yet, you? :)

  2. Luxe grunge is simply KOOKIE BUHAIN!!! LOL :)

  3. I'm still hoping that Aisa will pick me to go, but that hasn't stopped me from channeling some Taylor Momsen looks in my head this early just in case I get lucky. :p I'm sure you'll look great, though. You always do! :)

  4. can't wait to see your outfit ava! kisses!

  5. i LOVE luxe grunge! Olsen twins rock! I love the three pics sa middle..:) I can't wait to see your outfit..:))


  6. Hala! Your comment box is full of can't-wait-to-see-your-outfit's! The pressure is on! :p

  7. Yeah, I think the Olsen Twins own this look! They probably even gave birth to this :D So when you're dressed in Luxe Grunge na, imagine agad you're Mary Kate or Ashley! Im sure it will come effortless!

  8. Ooh so this the grunge luxe look. Haha, couldn't have known w/out your post. Haha! Something learned. :D It's very Olsen-y nga! Can't wait to see your outfit post of your own take on a Grunge Luxe peg. :)

    Ps. Thanks for following me Ms. Ava! :) Labsyu!


  9. cute! it's so comfy and fashionable. :)

  10. Actually I agree with the luxe grunge = Kookie Buhain comment! :) Ang ganda ng peg! I'm so excited to see pictures of everyone. :D


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