Colorful Luxe Grunge

by - September 08, 2011

First off, sorry for the lack of updates and absences in the blogging world. PLDT has been such an awful DSL provider and after calling them several times they still haven't heed to our complaint. BV much? Anyhoo, thanks to SmartBro I can blog a bit for now. Yey to that!:)

So, yesterday I attended my favorite clothing brand, Mango's Fall/Winter 2011 collection and it was great. I could definitely feel the Luxe Grunge! Will show you pictures of that in my next entry!:)

For now will show you the outfit I came up with for the themed event...


We were informed that the dress code was Luxe Grunge and I'm sure a lot of you saw and blogged their own peg for this event. In my case, I don't have much greys and blacks in my closet, so I went with a colorful or shall I say color blocking grunge effect. :) Do you guys think I pulled off the Luxe Grunge look? I hope I did!


With my loot bag courtesy of Mango! Love what's inside. ;)


Wore my new favorite feather necklace from Bubbles! This came all the way from Iloilo and it is so beautiful. Thank you so much for this, Tati !


cover up: taiwan
neon top: mango
skirt: archive clothing
shoes: manels
bag: nine west
necklace: c/o bubbles

Before ending this I wanna show you guys one of the few things that bonds us after events...


Haha! We were all trying to do our outfit shots here. We each had our own corner. =P

Aside from being happy to be invited to the fashion show (thanks to connect agency and pax!), I also encountered a few people that made my night and I can't wait to share it in my next post!:)

Tomorrow's Friday and I'm still on sembreak, but have to get some rest to fix errands for school. After that its off to the weekend!

x A.F.A.

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  1. We took pictures in the same area! Hahaha bloggers think alike! :)

    Love your outfit, Ava!! Nice to finally meet you :)

  2. Love your outfit... sarap maging slim!!!

  3. I love how you always do your own twists on dress codes. I'm sure you stood out from all the greys and blacks. Btw, I've been noticing your eyeliner is some posts. you look great :)

  4. You rocked it!!! It's like a new colorful grunge luxe. :) Btw, I love that cover-up that you donned on. It's really pretty. I am drawned to layering of such pieces. :)

  5. ganda mo ava! :) love the colorful outfit too, what a stand out from a crowd of grays and blacks! :)

  6. manila bloggers are so lucky! Nakakinggit. hehe. you look lovely as always.

  7. Love your outfit Ava! You look so pretty!


  8. Saw you! but was to shy to approach! :) Love your colorful version of grunge

    Kaye (

  9. I like how you incorporated your artsy-fartsy twist to the dress code! ;) I think it's always great when bloggers do that, because you get to see variations of the look. Ang saya tingnan ng mga looks of those na pumunta sa Mango FW11! :)


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