What's your favorite color?

by - September 16, 2011


Went to Terranova's event the other day before my class and I met a new blogger there who asked me what's my favorite color but in a joking way, of course. =P I think its quite obvious to everyone what my favorite color is already. Can you guess? haha!:))


Candy bracelets from Bubbles to match my pink satchel!


It was a casual launching of the store so I decided to wear something that I would be comfortable commuting and shopping in, so I chose a loose top and jeans so I could move about easily and to make the outfit look casual chic, I wore my new wedges from Shoe Etiquette. Been wearing these babies for two straight days already and I can honestly last in them the whole day!:) Wedges are absolutely my saviour when it comes to fashion commuting. My outfit can look good without hurting my feet!:) Thank you to my fellow Momma Denise Lozada for my Bree wedges!


Top: Seventeen
Pants: Crissa Jeans

Will blog about Terranova's store launch soon!:) I'm super excited for this weekends activities!!!:) Have a great weekend!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Mine is green! :) You look great on that color!

    xx Kaye

  2. weee! you're wearing Villettes :)

  3. cute outfit Ava :) You look pretty in light pink!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Hello Ava!
    Looking good in pic, dear :)
    I also like pink and I usually pair it with black. Haha! :)
    Your satchel is TDF. Wish there's one in Cebu :(

  5. I think I know who that new blogger is! *winks* Your favorite color suits you well Ava! :) BTW, mine's green! ;)

  6. I love your outfit :) your bag :| a must have hihihi

  7. ang cute na nman ng outfit :) lagi na lng :D

  8. hey ava, where did you buy your satchel? it's very nice :D

  9. i love pink too
    love ur outfit and ur bag ava


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