WRANGLER FW11: Urban Playground!

by - September 19, 2011

Was invited to Wrangler's Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion show and upon entering the venue, I already felt like we were in the desert because of the western-outdoor set of the ramp. Later on I found out that the inspiration for the set up was Seattle. :)

Before the show started, we were greeted by a beautiful host who came out of the awesome jeep! And I thought they were just there for display sake. ;)

The fashion show started with a freestyle dance by this guy and I wasn't really sure what that was about but I was diggin' the tribal paintings he had. (just the painting! haha!)

While watching the show! Photo courtesy of Beb Ana! I look so tired here but really, I'm ogling at the models haha!=P sshhh!

The first set was the FOLKS LIFESTYLE: Seattle is a city rich of culture and music inspirations. Its famous outdoor festival, the “Northwest Folklife Festival” is the stage of folk, ethnic, traditional art and crafts, and music performances. Wrangler’s new advertising campaign is taking young people there to express the freedom and passion in life.  Playground of cultural sharing and passing on! **


When the models got out I immediately knew I was going to love the show. Why? FEATHERS!!! I absolutely love the bohemian-free spirit vibe and Wrangler having that theme for their Fall/Winter 2011 collection is just LOVE! I wanted a shirt from this collection but sadly, the ran out of size small. :( *tears*  Of course, let's not forget to count their ambassador, Daniel Matsunaga's killer smile, ya? He had that smile on the whole time and its impossible not to make you smile as well!

The next set up was the SEATTLE SOUND-GRUNGE: Seattle is the hometown where “Grunge” music originated – the rock legend Jimi Hendrix, famous groups Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam are all from Seattle.  Get the lay-back Grunge look in delivery four and five, with flannel shirts, black denim and unkempt hair.  Let’s go to the Wrangler urban playground! **

This one was all about the rock and roll vibe and the signature plaid shirts. :)


The show ended with all the models wearing Wrangler's statement denim and the finale that everyone was waiting for.... Daniel Matsunaga. :))

I had a really great time viewing Wrangler's new collection. Thank you to Ms. Carisse and Wrangler  for inviting me and to my blog friends too! This day wouldn't have been as fun without you...

Keigh, Krissy, Ana, Twin Megann and Jonver (whom I met the first time!) Fun times!

For more information about Wrangler, please visit www.wrangler-ap.com. Wrangler is available in TriNoma Mall, Market! Market!, Glorietta 5, Abreeza Mall Davao & all leading department stores nationwide.

School once again for me tomorrow! Have a good Monday, guys!

x A.F.A.

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  1. I like the second theme! And Daniel Matsunaga is so gwapo. Hahaha

  2. Ang gwapo naman ni Daniel!!! Haha! He sort of out-shadowed the entire collection with just him being shirtless. I love those feather headdress too.

  3. I feel bad I missed this! looks awesome, thanks for sharing the pics :)

  4. Love their theme! :)

    xx Kaye

  5. ahhh i love the feather earrings and the headdresses! ok fine, daniel matsunaga na din.

    i missss being here, guapa!

    have a great week!


  6. Great event! :) funny how said you like the body paint lang! hehehe <3 hope one day i get a chance to meet great bloggers like you in an event..:D



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