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by - October 19, 2011

Beauty blogging is really not my forte. I don't apply anything on my face other than eyeliner and lip gloss due to the fact that I'm clueless about makeup, so when given a chance to be invited to such events, I get a tad curious and at the same time eager to attend because for sure i'll learn something new about the world of beauty. :) BTW, Thank you to Sarah for inviting me!

This entry is overdue but last October 12, I attended the launch of Japanese beauty product, Kose's ("co-sei") new skin line called, INFINITY KOSE at East Cafe, Rustans...

Aside from the launching of their new product, the event also served as a beauty workshop for us to try the Infinity Kose line. We were even given a form to fill up about our skin!

With the beautiful people!

With Angel and Ana


Keigh and Sarah

I was honestly a bit hesitant to try Kose at first because I was afraid that my skin might breakout due to my very sensitive skin. But after seeing these ladies having fun trying them out, I just had to give in! It was worth a shot. ;)

Regional Manager-Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar; Ms. Harumi Sugawara taught us a lot of beauty tips and to always treat our skin like silk. We shouldn't be rough with it. She even taught us how to properly hold and fold tissue paper!:)

Now the girls in action...

When applying the product on our face, we should first apply it in 5 points (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin) as demonstrated by Keigh!:)


Our mirror was used by another table but Beb Ana was resourceful enough to use her iTouch as a mirror. Love it!:)

Infinity Kose Oil Cleansing Cream

For those with dry, rough or hard skin, the Infinity Oil Cleansing Cream grants bright natural skin as a result of the cleansing power from a concoction of oil and cream. With a cream-like texture that spreads with a gliding touch, it removes impurities in pores and deep layers of skin and tired surface cells and transforms to oil when blended with make-up, which is a sign for the completion of cleansing.

Infinity Kose Tone Up Wash

The Infinity Tone Wash Up is a high-functional washing cream, which grants skin brightness, translucency and silkiness without discoloration. Its rich and elastic foams gently and securely washes off impurities. For morning and night use, it takes away dirt while protecting the skin’s moisture.

Infinity Kose Lotion Concentrate 14

To be used after washing the face, the Infinity lotion Concentrate 14 supports the skin's function to maintain moisture in 14 cornified layers. It fills deep skin with high-quality moisture and grants resilient and lively skin as if the skin has been taken care of with a steamer and gives suppleness and firmness to the skin and creates shine that comes from within the skin. The type I lotion concentrate provides a fresh and mellow texture while type II gives a mellow and rich texture.

Infinity Kose Serum Completion 

For dull, dry or irritated skin, the Infinity Serum Completion grants shiny resilience emerging from deep within the skin. To be used after applying the lotion concentrate, this emulsion paves the way for healthy and bright skin with softness and without dryness or skin irritation. It quickly permeates every cell of the skin and gives a natural glow.

Infinity Kose Cream Excellent 

By enveloping various beauty ingredients (such as emulsion of hyaluronan base and phospholipid) compounded at high concentration by a special oil solution, a long-lasting effect on the skin is produced in Infinity Cream Excellent. With this beauty cream, the skin becomes everything a woman could wish for. The moisture veil with resilience and absorbability creates "the finest skin" the next morning.

Infinity Kose Eye Cream

Focusing on decrease in collagen, the Infinity Eye Cream creates firmness on the skin around eyes. It also prevents minor wrinkles by elastic coating with hydrate and wrapping effects, plus it supports barrier function for skin around eyes and lifts the skin.

These were the six Infinity Kose products that we were able to try and the result?
And I quote Sarah, "Shiny-happy people!" :) Oh and my skin didn't break out. Good to know that the first time I tried risking my sensitive skin on a beauty product and it worked perfectly! Just goes to show that Kose works!:) Its a bit pricey though. Especially the Night Cream amounting to almost Php 10,000 but it definitely moneys worth. Our skin felt so soft and fresh after the workshop. We were quite amazed by it. :)

After a day of beauty, we also had a yummy dinner at East Cafe. Perfect combination of great skin and food...
Wanna go back!^_^

I'm really glad I attended this event. Had so much fun learning new beauty tricks and tips and having a girly time with the blog friends!

Thank you again to Sarah and Kose for having me!:)

Infinity Kose and other Kose products is available at the 1st floor- Cosmetic section of Rustan's Makati.

x A.F.A.

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  1. Did you mean P1000 or is it really P10000?

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  3. Wow what a great line up! I wanna try those :)

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