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I'm not sure if any of you have heard about the brand DIVA but incase you haven't, it's a new brand of accessories that will cater to a younger generation of fashionistas (teen 15-19).  M2 Fashions, the company behind Accessorize, have decided to create a separate line because Accessorize designs aim to be more high-fashion now to cater to mature shoppers and fashionistas who have an upper understanding of mix-and-matching, layering and accessorizing.

Basically, this will be a sisterly bonding with all of us and our readers.  We will also have a styling and blogging workshop for you!:)

Now the good news! I can take TWO READERS with me!:) Awesome right?? And here's the simple steps for you to be able to go with me...

1) All readers, 15 - 20 years old are qualified to join.
3) Must be a follower of  ARTSY FARTSY AVA on Google Connect
4) Share this contest promo on your blog. (Send the link)
5) Answer this question: "Tell me why you would like to spend this Divalicious day with me or Why should I choose you?:)"
6) Leave your name, email or contact number below :)

Note: The poster says November 4, it was moved to November 7, still 4-6 pm.
PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOU ARE 100% FREE on November 7 so there wouldn't be any confusion. Thank you!:)

Will be picking two readers with the best answer!:) This will end on November 6. Good luck!!! Can't wait to spend this Divalicious Bloggers Camp with you!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Name: Idessa Pauline De Asis
    Contact Number: 09353106916

    I would really love to have one whole day of bonding with you. I really want to meet you in real life and be friends with you. Plus, I can be with you and learn a lot from Divalicious. I know I have a lot to learn from them. I'm pegging for a girly look from now on and what they have is really what I need: accessorize, layering & mic-and-matching. I have to know more about it. I will surely use them in my daily life and maybe in the future as a professional. :) Thank you Ava and Divalicious for this opportunity! ♥

  2. wow sounds like fun ava! hehe..too bad i'm beyond 20 and I won't be there in manila till nov 18..have fun! kisses! :)

  3. Aww dear I have plans with R ata on the 7th. Sayang!! :( Enjoy though!! I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!! :)

  4. whaaaa!!!wish I was young again.

  5. Gosh, I'm so old. And gosh, Syrena's so young. Haha. But it's IN THE SOUTH!!! :D Haha. So can we drop by and say hello? Dyan lang sa tabi namin ang ATC. I like! :)

  6. Already a follower via GFC
    FB: Anne Fillado
    Blog post:

    Im already 24 but I'd love to be a part of this because I feel like a teen always. haha.. So I'm joining! :) At my age I can still consider myself a newbie in styling/dressing up sot his is gonna be a fun experience for beginners like me! Plus, I wanted to meet and bond with you as well. :)

    Anne Fillado

  7. awwww, this looks like such a fantastic opportunity! ahh wish i could join. :(


  8. I want to go coz' I wanna see you in person! LOL =)) I want to attend this because I love your style and having one of my blogger idols by my side while having the styling and blogging workshop is certainly heaven! I'm also on the verge of looking for my right place on the categories of blogging, I love fashion yet I don't have enough ideas on how can I pursue this. So I guess you can help me, hehe. Hope you'll choose me *fingers crossed* :)

    xx B

  9. Allyzon Mae S. Sabio
    Contact number: 09272543405

    Hi Ms. Ava! You're one of the thousands of bloggers I looked up to when it comes to fashion. I want to be with you in the Diva Bloggers Camp simply because I want to learn more about fashion and blogging at the same time. I know it will be a great time to hear more from you personally about trends and styles in fashion of today's generation. As a growing teenager I know it takes a lot to develop one's personality not only on how you fix yourself from head to toe but also on how you deliver or express yourself to others. And I believe you're one of those bloggers who can help me improve myself more. Hope to see you soon. Keep your blog burning with lots of inspirations.God Bless and Take Care! /

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  11. name : diane christy maniago
    age : 17 yrs old
    twitter : classydei
    blog :
    email :

    hi! if you remember im with alyssa lapid on the hang tens event. check out my blog. goin to this event is such an opportunity meeting famous fashion blogger and be inspired by them is a great opportunity. this is my passion. as you've said fashion blogging is not about goin to events but still its a great opportunity to be with the bloggers and learn from them.

  12. sounds fun and its really nice to meet new people and make new friends... i just wish i could go... kissess!!!

  13. Regine Pamittan Gapasin

    It’ll be such a great honor to be with the one of the bloggers which inspires me to dress up not to impress but to express. To share to the world that we only live once and we should make the most out of it-stop dressin’ up with zero personality. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to bond with you as well as to ignite my passion in fashion blogging. It’ll surely be a great help so that I can share to girls out there the true meaning of passion for fashion and to inspire more people to use it to express themselves without the fear of being criticized.

  14. link to blog post:


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