Excessorize at Accessorize!:)

by - November 02, 2011

Excuse my corny title up there. I couldn't think of a better one but you have to agree that Accessorize does have a lot of pretty accessories and I'm sure you girls share my affinity for their stuff too. :)

Moving on to what this entry is all about, last Sunday my blog sisters and I were invited by the wonderful people of Accessorize to have an intimate girly gathering at Persia Grill to be the first ones to have a view of their newest exquisite collection of bags and know about their thanksgiving sale. :)


Pretty lights!


Every table had these really cute Union Jack themed cupcakes and incase you didn't know, Accessorize is actually from UK. :)

Sarah, Angel and Kira :)
I was 30 minutes late for the event because we came from Athan's Halloween but I was happy to see these girls immediately as I got in Persia Grill. Why the candid make up pose? Well, the red icing on the cupcake was pretty strong so the ladies had pink lips. Instant lipstick!^_^


JR and Gersh! Our (melai and me) very supportive partners in life!

Would just like to mention that Accessorize will be part of Bloggers United two and we're all very excited about it!:) Reason why Melai and Ana were the hosts for the event and opened the program for all the bloggers present...


First order of business was to get to know each other and tell everyone what we were wearing that day. Shamefully, I was in full casual gear because like I said, we came from Athan's Halloween so I didn't really feel like dressing up and we were going to commute as well. But even so, I was still good with what I wore and as a bonus, the people who wore any Accessorize item got a prize. Yey for my heart ring!:) We also had another game of finding this sticker underneath our table and we had Q & A's about Accessorize. Whoever gets it right wins a prize!:)


Just a few of the prizes I got. I've been wanting new stickers for my notebook so this was really great!

After the games, it was the moment of truth; picking which bag to style and take home with us. Mind you, only one design each. This was surely a challenge for all of us. Haha!:))...


Photos from Ana :)
To make the picking fair, we had to gather in the center and race for it. Yes, race for the bag we want!:) You really can't see me in the photo because I was at the very end. Slow poke!:))

When the picking of bags was done, the next challenge was to style our look with accessories from Accessorize and have a mini fashion show! This too was first come first serve. =P
going crazy over which accessories to choose. =P


Since I was wearing redish/pink shorts, I went for the same colors for my accessories. Do you like it? :)

April, Marianne, Belle, Nicole, Angel, Me and Sarah :)
Strike a pose! Be fierce!
My fashion show teammates! See how fierce Sarah is??


And in the name of fashion, here is my geeky "runway" picture with the girls. :)


Of course our dear host, Melai showed off her bag too! I love how she made this a pressure-free event. All of us just had fun strutting and showing off our Accessorized-self!:)


The finale! All Accessorize models together! Chos!:))

After all the fun we had, it was time for our yummy dinner courtesy of Persian Grill!
Krissy, Ana, Sarah and Nicole!
Spot Athan's toy cars. =P

The wonderful bloggers I got to spend the fun afternoon with. :) Glad to see old friends and meet new ones as well!
My silly little boy. Pa-cute!:)
The beautiful ladies behind Accessorize: Ms. Ayet and Ms. Monica. :)

Before I end this post, i'll be telling you more about Accessorize's thanksgiving sale...
banner ad - bag sale
 All Bout Bags features season collection bags at 50% discount and it includes some new arrivals that will go back to regular price after the sale period.  This is the Accessorize way of showing appreciation to all its loyal fans for the past three years since Accessorize first opened its doors to the Philippine market.
All About Bags is the first of an annual bag sale that will commemorate the love between Accessorize and its customers.   With a wide range offering of collection bags that go from day bags of urban vintage heritage and Japanesque inspired pieces to evening bags of gold and patent perfect colors with geometric prints, and satchels in tooled leathers with exaggerated fringing, all capturing the top trends and colours of the season.
Choose from any of the four enticing new collection bags, with a dash of ladylike 70s love, a cultural spin on the urban military look, a meeting of urban with vintage and an illustrative range of Japanesque inspired products,  all at 50% discount, because this month and same month next year, November in Accessorize is All About Bags.

TAKE NOTE: the bags that will be on sale are not the old stocks. They're the NEW arrivals and Accessorize will already be selling them at 50% off as a thank you to their loyal clients. I say this is a major treat!:) Mark your calendars for this amazing sale: OCTOBER 31-NOVEMBER 30, 2011!

Oh and here's a better look at the bag that I got to take home...


I find the name really cute and the pompom keychain attached to it. :)

I had an awesome time at the Accessorize event. We had good company,yummy food, girly bonding and of course the beautiful accessories we were surrounded with. It can't get any better than that!:) Thank you so much to Bloggers United, Ms. Ayet and Ms. Monica of Accessorize for having me and my family. I really appreciate how nice they were to me. :)

Thank you, Accessorize!!!:)

Visit the FB page of Accessorize for more info: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Accessorize-Philippines/83267796457 

x A.F.A.

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  1. oh goosh these uk muffins look delish! sooo jealous..
    want them too, really cute post! lovely photos
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    follow if you love to dear

  2. Love the Union Jack themed cupcakessss!!! <3333 And seems like a fun event you had again, Ava!!! <333

  3. YEY! :)) Happy you had fun! :) I love reading your whole entry! :) Cute ng family mo :))

  4. Awwww gosh Ava dear I totally regret not coming! I wish I live nearer!! From the pictures and how you tell the story I felt that all of you really had a good time! See you soon! :)

  5. Wow, it looks so fun! Can't believe you guys all had free stuff, amazing! :)


  6. Looks like a very fun challenge! Stampede na! Hahaha!

  7. It was nice to see you again Ava with your cute little Angel Athan :)

  8. Wow! I love the bag that you got!

    Jamie Kate

  9. It looked so much fun! :) I love the bag you picked, it's adorable! :D


  10. this seemed like a nice event! :) Ava, you still looked really cute! had fun looking at your photos!


  11. Really love that bag that you went home :)


  12. di ko kinaya ang race to the bag! kaloka!

  13. oh wow, this looks like such a fun and interesting event! love how the interaction is on cam..and every one is all smiles <3 i hope we can have something like that in cebu...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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