FIREFLY: Country’s Most Energy Efficient Christmas Tree

by - November 29, 2011

Have you ever noticed the large Christmas tree over by the bay at Mall of Asia every Christmas? Did you ever see which company lights it up every time? I sure remember and it's FIREFLY. :)

Last Saturday I was invited by PR company Geiser Maclang to attend the tree lighting of FIREFLY and I got there around 5PM and the event was obviously going to start at 6PM. Talk about excited, right? But it was good that I got there quite early because I got to take a picture of the tree without the lights yet. Para may before and after effect. ;)

A little something about FIREFLY TREE before I proceed with the event itself...
The Most Energy-Efficient Christmas Tree in the Philippines
Dubbed as the most energy efficient Christmas tree in the Philippines, it was illuminated with more than 100,000 Firefly LED bulbs with the total energy consumption equivalent to two small window-type air-conditioners at two horse powers each. Shared Jhie Greenwood, FELCO Marketing Manager, “Firefly’s LED Christmas tree uses the latest lighting technology which is 5 times more energy efficient compared to the regular incandescent bulb."

” A Firefly LED light bulb consumes around 24 pesos a month – an amount that’s 7 times less than what’s consumed by an incandescent bulb,” said Jhie. She added that LED can save up to Php150 per bulb a month.

Aside from LED being energy efficient, it is also suitable for “green” building projects because it contains no mercury components and is proven to withstand impact, vibrations and disruptions. Furthermore, Firefly LED has a longer lifetime of 30,000 hours (equivalent to 6.8 years of continuous use) compared to the 1,000 hours of the regular incandescent bulb.

It's really nice to know that a company like FIREFLY takes into consideration not only what makes their brand look good but also the implication it has on our environment. Kudos!:)


The event was entitled "WINER WONDERLAND" and with the opening of the program, I had the pleasure (BTW, I was alone at this event. No friends.. haha!) of watching a yuletide free concert featuring The Company, the country's renowned vocal ensemble; The Whiplash, one of the most sought after dance groups in Philippine entertainment today; and young theatre artist, Angia Lauren of Trumpets. I enjoyed all the beautiful Christmas and upbeat songs that they sang. :)


Almost time for the Christmas tree lighting! Change outfit!;)


For the countdown, the guests were given each a FIREFLY flashlight that they can wave about. Cheesy and I like it! Can you feel the Christmas spirit already?


Finally! Very pretty. I can't wait for our Christmas tree to be up already! FIREFLY'S Eco-Christmas tree will be showcased until January, so bring your family by the bay to experience this!:)

The tree was lit up around 7PM so it was just in time for the fireworks of Mall of Asia...

Perfect ending, I would say. :) Thank you so much to Geiser Maclang and FIREFLY for inviting me to this wonderful Winter Wonderland event!

26 Days 
left till Christmas!!!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Oh I can really feel the Christmas season!! ♥ Love those fireworks from MOA!!



  2. I can smell Christmas! <3



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