My HouseHusband: Ikaw na!

by - November 30, 2011

Got the pleasure of attending the blog conference for the movie MY HOUSEHUSBAND: IKAW NA! today and got the chance of also meeting the one and only, Ms. Eugene Domingo. Not only is she hilarious on the big screen but also in real life. :)

Spot Ms. Eugene Domingo!

The event was held at Kenny Rogers and I actually thought I was late already but fortunately when I got there, my fellow bloggers were just eating and waiting for Ms. Eugene Domingo to finish her interview with the press. 

While waiting for her, I enjoyed my yummy lunch and got the chance to talk with these lovely people...

Paul likes making dialogues in his blog so, just wanna try it out too! haha!:))
PAUL: Helga, can I come to Malaysia for the NuffNang Blog Awards? HELGA: Well.... Sure why not! 

In attendance: Pax, Tracy, Bestie, Bianca, Paul and Helga :)

The conference was all about the movie MY HOUSEHUSBAND and her role in it. The nice part was the bloggers got the chance to ask her questions about it and she was so funny while answering each one. I love her!:)


A little information about the plot of the movie is basically, ROD (Ryan Agoncillo) loses his job and MIA ALVAREZ(Judy Ann Santos) becomes the bread winner of the family by going back to her job in selling insurance and her career actually blossoms while, ROD is left to take care of their kids and take charge of all the household work. Being trapped at home, ROD befriends their next door neighbor named AIDA(Eugene Domingo) and as the friendship intensifies, MIA feels suspicious about their neighbor's intentions. The plot seems messy but the three main characters actually learn something valuable from each other. -End-

Won't go further more into the details, so the more reason for you guys to watch the movie!:) Mang bibitin lang muna ako. =P Despite, Eugene Domingo being like a mistress in the movie, it's actually a wholesome movie. You can bring your whole family!


One of the questions that the bloggers asked was what made her accept her role as Aida? She told us that when she picks movie roles, she makes sure that they each character or role is different from the other. She doesn't like playing the same old character over and over again so that people don't get tired. :)

After the conference, we watched the trailer of MY HOUSEHUSBAND...


Incase you haven't seen it, here's the trailer!:) Super funny, trailer pa lang, I promise!:))

And here's, Ms. Eugene Domingo herself asking everyone to please support the movie MY HOUSEHUSBAND: IKAW NA! produced by OctoArts film as their entry to the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival this coming December 25, 2011!

Let's all support not only this movie but also all the movies in the MMFF!:)  We have so many great Filipino talents and they deserve to shine! When my Mom comes home, we'll definitely be watching this with the whole family. :)

Thank you again to Melai for inviting me to this good vibes event! Too bad I don't have a picture of you while hosting. :(( Next time!!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Hahah! I cant imagine someone like Ryan, would cheat on his wife with someone like Eugene. But then again, Im so excited to watch this :)


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