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by - November 17, 2011

Don't miss out on an awesome sale this coming November 19. Time to get your Christmas list ready! Some of your favorite online stores will be there so mark your calendars!:)

Prepare for a different kind of glaze as Krispy Kreme introduces the newest addition to its line of delectable offerings- the new Caramel Glazed Doughnuts. 
Imagine Krispy Kreme's freshly-baked melt-in-your-mouth ring doughnuts dressed in a delightfully rich caramel glaze and drizzled with a perfectly crafted caramel syrup- a doughnut befitting of a crown. Hitting stores starting November 15, 2011, Krispy Kreme's Caramel Glazed Doughnuts are expected to enjoy the same kind of success the brand had with its Original Glazed doughnuts.
Grab a box of Caramel Glazed Doughnuts from the nearest Krispy Kreme outlet and start sharing with friends as soon as it hits stores.

My House Husband, a MetroManila Film Festival 2011 entry starring Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo and Eugene Domingo. It's a film that's depicting the changing sex roles among parents nowadays which is happening in real life.

I Think this is an interesting movie being a parent and sort of a partner myself to Gersh. Let's all support Filipino films and watch on December 25, 2011!:)

More information about the movie on their Facebook--> CLICK!

And the affair that every blogger out there is waiting for.... BLOGGERS UNITED PART 2!!!:) I am soooo excited for this because i'll be selling again but this time instead of clothes, shoes and the likes, i'll be venturing into baked goodies. Some of you guys already tasted them back in Glam Camp Bazaar with my Mom. For the rest who haven't, drop by BU.2 and support us!:) Oh and for the people who asked me if they'll see Athan again or if they wanna meet him, Yes you will!! Just go to Bloggers United and we'll be there waiting!:) 

Just wanna say kudos to my Twin Megann for the awesome banner!!
Copy-paste this code to your blog:

BU is just weeks away so please help us spread the wonderful news by posting this on your side bar!:)

That's it!:) Just sharing some good news down your way! Have a great Thursday!^_^

x A.F.A.

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  1. That donut looks way too amazing to me right now. I love me some donuts.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Happy Thursday Ava! :) I'd love to check out KK on the 15th for that! I just love anything with caramel on or in it :D

    And are you going to Luxe? I feel you live far from the place. I want to go to meet other bloggers and I hear Ana will have her stall there. You coming?? :D

    I'll share these announcements with my readers, too.

  3. I generally hate donuts, but Krispy Kreme's glazed donuts? TO DIE FOR. And now they have Caramel ones? I love caramel. OMG. I might die. Masarap kaya? Do they have Krispy Kremes in Glorietta? :p


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