Winter Spotty Tweed and Me :)

by - November 15, 2011

about the bag

This is a story about a girl and her bag. The girl, Ava Te always dreamed of having the perfect bag to carry around. She wanted a spacey bag to put all her stuff in. Something not too complicated so that when the security guards at the malls have to check, she doesn't need to struggle opening and closing it. A bag perfect for all occasions even school. But of course if she goes for a practical bag, she also wants something that is cute. She was in search for a long time but then she met, Winter Spotty Tweed at the Accessorize event and the rest was history!:)


She brings Winter Spotty Tweed everywhere she goes and in whatever she's possibly wearing that day....


May it be when she's strolling around the mall


When she's having dinner with her family after a day at the bazaar


Or even when she's out attending events

They're inseparable and who would doubt that since the bag is easy to pair with any outfit and did I mention how spacey it is?:)


You can fit all these things and possible even a little more in this bag...

Kikay kit | Pencil case | Wallet | Perfume | Umbrella 
Camera |Book | Phone | iPod | Notebook | Pen | Candy

Another great thing why she loves this bag is because of her quirky side and the love for all things cute. She loves putting keychains or charms on her bag so it's a MUST for a bag to have a place to put for all her knickknacks.


And as usual, Winter Spotty Tweed is yet again the perfect match for the job. :)

Now I guess you can call this LOVE!

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If you want your perfect match too, you visit any Accessorize store and avail of their 50% off on SELECTED bags. Hurry because the Sale is only until November 30!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Cutie post and lovely bag! :)


  2. Enjoyed reading through this nice post Ava :)

  3. You got me smiling the whole time I was reading this post!!! ♥ Cutie!! :">


  4. The bag is so cute! and the keychains! love it! :) This is Louise. See you tomorrow Ava!:)

    Hope you can visit my blog:


  5. ava, you're so cuuute! :) mapapabili din ako ng bag nyan hahaha


  6. Cutie patoootie :DD while looking at the pictures i noticed your phone and im totally loving the colors :))

    lalalalove <3

  7. galing ava, i have to get started on mine too! :P

  8. so you're ava! i've heard much about you from krissy, hehe! :D i love the bag... so cute, spacious and versatile!

  9. omg! can i just say this bag is perfect?? :X and i spotted your phone. such a cutie!!!

  10. ava your blog is so refreshing to read :) definitely makes any reader be in a great mood :)


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