Sheer for my sheer

by - November 20, 2011

Been wanting to try out the sheer trend for a long time but didn't really have such clothing in my closet before. But now that I do, I decided to try sheer on sheer or as I would like to call it, my granny or more like Maria Clara outfit due to the way it looks. =P But even so, I kinda like how it turned out and how comfortable it is. :) Wore it yesterday to a meeting at Makati, Special screening of Breaking Dawn and Yabu experience (which i'll be blogging about real soon!). :)


Hate how there's this one visible pimple on my forehead. Its been days...I want it to go away. :( Oh and I'm finally back to my love of pink! Yey!


floral top: hang ten | skirt: summersault | coverup: edc | bag: studio boheme | shoes: steve madden | necklace: bubbles | bracelets: TLTSN, charmed life and the bead shop

I find the floral sheer top with the shoulder opening perfect for summer. It's easy to style and breezy!:) This outfit definitely adds up to my many laid back ones. Love it.

I have a lot of things to blog about this November and I can't wait to share it with all of you. I just hope I don't get writer's block like I usually do. =P

Oh and BTW, one of my favorite online stores, BUBBLES is having a THANK YOU giveaway over at Facebook page. She has over 3,330 LIKES already and I'm so proud of how far our good friend Tati has come!:) Please support her and her giveaway! CLICK here if you wanna win some BUBBLES!

Anyway, wishing you guys a happy Sunday!!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Lovely maxi on a lovely girl. You pulled it off, Ava! ;)

    P.S. I want your "blogger" bracelet. Heehee. <3

  2. You shouldve tucked your top. But it looks great anyway. :)

  3. Love how your style evolved beb :)
    Miss hanging out with you! :)

  4. Yay to your sheer on sheer outfit! ☺ It looks so good (and fresh) on you! :"> Pretty!


  5. I have the same skirt! Love how you styled it Ava! You look lovely! :)

  6. Nice color of the skirt :) i like your blog!

  7. I love this look, Ava! :) I love the shades of pink that you used. :)

    Jamie Kate

  8. Love the shoulder opening, "Aves". ;p Bagay na bagay sayo! Love it. And I really love that skirt, but still think you need to bare your legs with it!

  9. love that top. i can see thru photos the breezy feel of that top!

  10. love all the girly pink colors. :) so pretty!

  11. I really love your blogger bracelet. How I wish I have one too. :) Nice outfit ava! And thanks for accepting me on your fb account :)

  12. Hello Ava! :))
    I love the pink sheer on you. You look good with pink, dear! :))
    I also want to snatch that neon green satchel. Heheheh! :))
    Great look, babe :))

  13. What a lovely skirt! love that it's sheer and pink! :)


  14. I love how easy breezy-ish your outfit is! So cute!


  15. you're back to your element! you're wearing pink and i love your skirt, ava! :)

  16. I love your cutout shirt Ava :) you love stunning

  17. Hi Ava!
    i'm your newest lurker in your blog.

    Color pink looks great on you.
    and i'm drooling over your accessories..i want all of them.. :)

    the blissful escape


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