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by - December 05, 2011

Aside from being blogger, there's this one thing that I've always wanted to be exposed more to and that's styling. I know it isn't all glam because it takes a lot of hard work to be one but when I tried it for the first time two months ago, I really did enjoy it so when I had the second chance to do it again, this time for Primadonna, I immediately said yes and had the honor of being one of the the 12 bloggers that Primadonna chose for the "GIRLS NIGHT OUT" event last November 24 at Shangri-La, Makati. :)


I love how the venue was fixed up. It was really cute because they even had boxes wherein our model could step in and look like Barbie dolls. :)


They also had big shoes on display and Ms. Divine Lee even joked that this was her "Little Marikina" and they were all big because they were customized for her feet!:)) Of course I also had to take a picture with my favorite pair, the oxfords!

Aside from that we also had a replica of how Primadonna's shoe store looks like...


Super want the black and pink version of the shiny brogues!
Don't you just love all their shoes?? They have yummy colors and cute designs too! But if you're confuse on what design suits you best, you can check out Primdonna's Facebook and take their shoe personality test to find out which style matches you!

While roaming around before the event started, I saw these pretty young ladies...


Spotted: Tracy, Lana, Melai and Keigh!

To start the program off, the host was none other than the beautiful and fab becky mother, Divine M. Lee!:) She was so nice to us bloggers...I love her!


We got the chance to meet the people behind Primadonna too and there's is no doubt why Primadonna has great shoes because the owners are also oh-so-fab!


Managing Director, Ms. Denise Reyes-Ang. She was wearing a beautiful vintage dress that night and of course, shoes from Primadonna! All of us were wearing Primadonna shoes that night!^_^

Now the moment we've all been waiting for, the fashion show styled by yours truly, THE BLOGGERS! Some of us were in front of the stage while watching, so when the first set came out we were already cheering so loudly. What is proud??^_^


LADY REBEL by: Kookie, Tin and Sarah
CLASSY AND SASSY by: Vern, Cheyser and Me / BTW, the model on the right and I had the same shoes that night!
WANDERLUST by: JL, Nina and Lissa
LADY DAPPER by: Pax, Lloyda and Bestie
And now to present the most gorgeous endorser in the Philippines (well, for me she is!), Ms. Who's that girl herself, ANNE CURTIS!


After seeing this, you just have to agree that she is just beyond gorgeous and perfect to be Primadonna's endorser. Pretty face and pretty shoes, definitely, yes!;)


Like I said, all of us were wearing Primadonna shoes that night. :)


They also have Twitter incase you want the latest updates from them!

After the event, you can't possibly go home without taking photos with your fellow bloggers, stylist and people who made that night amazing!


Photo from Ana: The 12 Bloggers/Stylist!
With Ms. Denise :)
Like I mentioned in my entry below, I didn't get the chance to have a decent outfit shot on my camera, so please bear with this dark photo. Too bad it isn't as bright. I really loved what I wore. :(


vest: taiwan | skirt: impulse co | necklace: bubbles
shoes: primadonna

Oh and do check out Primadonna's site to see how we bloggers styled our Primadonna shoes!

Picture 2

CLICK HERE to see!:)

It was really a wonderful experience for me to be a part of Primadonna's bloggers. I loved every minute of it. :) Thank you so much to Pax and Ms. Denise for making me a part of this!

x A.F.A.

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  1. So cute!! <3 You were in the perfect group! Dainty!!So you! And o, nice seeing you last Saturday at the BU2!! <3 You were so sweet!!!

  2. You're always pretty (you know that :) but that photo of you with the shoes is one of THE PRETTIEST photos I have ever seen of you! :) I love it!

  3. I really love Primadonna shoes, I drop by the store everytime and I'm so overwhelmed of their great line up of shoes


  4. you look like a doll in those primadonna boxes, ava. love your skirt too! :)

  5. Fun times! :)) nice seeing you there Ava. Jealous of your pics. Got it late so the lighting was a bit dark and so many people were flocked over the shoes :))


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