They don't call me ARTSY FARTSY for nothing!

by - December 02, 2011

Just got home from an interview and I hope it really pushes through. It would be another dream come true for me if ever and I seriously can't wait to share with you guys the news but for now, hush hush. :-X
I love how December is starting out for me and all the more better because of these sweet things and wonderful people they're from. ^_^


Used my GCs from Primadonna and got these two babies. :) I figured I already have wedges from there so I picked flats for a change and super love the soft-cloth brogues! They also have these in grey if you want! Thank you, Primadonna!


When I started online shopping back in 2008, I wasn't into clothes, bags or even shoes. The items I would spend on a lot would be clay accessories and I got really obsessed with them cos look how cute they are! But after awhile I stopped and tried going for the clothes. =P So when I received these from Toxic Candy Accessories, I immediately felt nostalgia. Plus these would certainly add quirk to my normal/basic accessories. Thank you, Nika Llamzon for these!:)


After joining a few giveaways from Crissey Si, I finally won and I was surprised to see all these nice goodies from Yhansy and I can even visit their store and gets accessories at 15% OFF with the discount cards! Yey! Thank you!!!:)


When I got home today, this is the first thing I saw on our living room table and got surprised on how big it was. I knew I was gonna get a package from Tati of Bubbles but I didn't know it would be huge! Overwhelming if actually the perfect word for it. :)) What's in it?


Assorted pastries from BongBong's, hence the box!:) Can't wait to try these!


And new neck, wrist and finger candies!!!:) Aren't they pretty?? It's so me! Love love love!

And because of that, here's my simple note for you, Tati...


I swear, Tati is one of the sweetest seller/sponsor I have ever encountered and got the pleasure of being friends with online. One of my wish is to meet her in person because I missed her last Supersale and Global Pinoy Bazaar. :( BUT hoping for more bazaars for her here in Manila, so she'll come back! Hee. ^_^ For now, check out her December collection over at Facebook/Bubbles! Thank you again, Tati! 

Today was great and I know I say this a lot but I am truly grateful for all these and the great opportunities coming my way. Thank you, Lord!

x A.F.A.

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  1. masarap yang bong-bongs! =)

    nice accessories! i'm not much of an accessories girl 'coz i end up losing them, poor me...

  2. great post! i want the snacks hehe, the polymer clays are adorable ;)

  3. Saya!!! Nakakagutom naman yung food. :p Excited to see you wear the new accessories! :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  4. wow! what a great December for you Idol .. :) I miss you and your writings.. :D haven't checked your blog in a while..

  5. i love bong bong's butter scotch! :) cute accessories ava! :)

  6. wow all of those goodies looks awesome! seems like you'll have a really fabulous December ahead of you ;)

  7. Nice accessories :) I hope na magkaroon din ako ng ganyan this Christmas. :)

  8. Love the brogues from Primadonna!! so cute. love the chalk writings too!!!

    And I loooove Bong Bong's butterscotch. they were my fave until I realized I can't have peanuts. booo...

    enjoy your wonderful packagae Ava. See you tomorrow!

  9. Aww, these are so cute and I like all the items on this list. XD

    Is it Christmas already? XD

  10. They're all so sweet to you, Ava!! Anyway you really deserve all those!! ♥ Great seeing you awhile ago!! Sayang we have no photo together. ASIAN VOGUE GIVEAWAY!


  11. Aww those are really great items! :)



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