Art Diaries: Washi Tapes!

by - January 07, 2012

Haven't done ART DIARIES in awhile so I decided to show you guys some of the things that I like to do on my notebook/planner with my Washi Tapes from Hey Kessy, because like I said in my previous entry, you can do a lot with these tapes!:)


Since school has already started for me, I had to prepare the essentials and luckily I already had a spare notebook at home so I didn't need to buy one anymore. The only downside was that I didn't like the design. Let's just say this as a blind item; I like watching this TV series but I'm not a fan to the point that I want everyone to see it on my notebook. =P So my suggestion is if you have a notebook at home but like to spice it up a bit, then try putting some Washi tapes on it. I think it would look a lot better and at the same time you're presenting your school stuff in a creative way!:)

Took a picture of my turtle bookmark. I love turtles! Hee. ^_^
I love creating mood pages (a.k.a. mood boards for some) on my notebooks and as you can see, the Washi tapes make a great addition for designing the pages. You can use them too if the pages of your notebook are coming off. :)


I finally got my planner last January 3 and the first thing I wanted to do was design it!:) The tapes are quite thick, so I tried cutting it up into strips to form my name. I just can't get enough of my Washi tapes! This is just the start of designing my planner. Will do more with it when I get the time. :)

I hope you liked this segment of ART DIARIES! If you have Washi tapes at home, get creative! If not, you can always visit HEY KESSY to see more of their tapes. :)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Very creative! <3 I wish I was as creative as you Miss Ava.

  2. Haven't been in your blog. Happy New Year, Ava! Love the new lay out and congrats with your SB planner. :)

  3. The ntbk cover is so creative!:) cool idea!:)

  4. Cute notebook!!! The turtle is adorable! Happy new year dear

  5. cutesy notebooks Ava! :) really artsy :)

  6. very artsy fartsy indeed! kainggit ang talent!

  7. Ang ganda naman nito, Ava! :)

    Jamie Kate
    CHEKWA x CHICKFLICK: First Giveaway!

  8. Super cute naman nito Ava. and I especially love the idea of mood boards on your notebook!! So artsy but never fartsy!

  9. WHOOPS! OMG. Haha! That washi tape comment was supposed to be for *this* post. :)


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