Christmas Gifts 2011

by - January 05, 2012

I know this is incredibly delayed but I was so swamped during the holidays that I didn't have time to blog that much. So please excuse me if my Christmas gifts 2011 entry will just be published now. =P

First up, I got these yummy baked bars from Ms. Katrina Ong and Kaye Ko of KEDS. :) I met them during the KEDS sneakers painting workshop at Brown Bag Market and they're really nice. I was actually surprised they still remembered me and even sent these. Thank you!!^_^

I ordered a stud bracelet from Wear Mauve last month and I was also surprised to see that the owner slipped in this lovely geometry necklace which I can't get enough of wearing lately. :") Thank you!

Next up is a big loot from GOLDEN ABC!:) I started blogging a lot about Oxygen, Penshoppe and Golden ABC last year and I am so glad to be part of their brand even just through blogging, so I can't thank them enough for remembering little me during the busy holiday season. :)

I got these toothsome chocolates from SM Accessories!:) I'm an SM Baby so they're very close to my heart. Especially the accessories part. Hee. :") Thank you for this, SM Accessories and Ms. Diane!♥ 

Now time for the gifts from my family. ^_^

Thank you to my Zabat family my new school bag and Natasha Sandals. :)

And super thank you to my Love Buddy for the wish-come-true Primadonna shoes!

Every year, my Tito asks my mom what I want for Christmas and I don't really require much. A fashion magazine already makes me happy, which explains the MEGA Magazine. :) Also thank you to Athan's Ninang Meg for the Bobbi Brown lip gloss!^_^ Love it!

And lastly, thank you to my Tita for getting me a really cute tote bag that I can use for school, Athan's baby bag and even shopping!:) My thoughtful grandparents know that I am in dire need of a new bed sheet, so thank you for the perfect gift!:)

Christmas isn't about gifts or receiving a lot. It's the thought that counts and I feel grateful that the people who gave me these had me in their mind and heart. :) That's what made the gifts even sweeter. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

x A.F.A.

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  1. I love everything hat they gave you esp the geometric necklace and the shoes from your hubby (so sweet!) :) I love your new hair do too, you look fab! :) I want to post my goodies last christmas too!! hehe..:)

    Happy 2012! :) All the best! :)


  2. Happy new year, Ava! :)

  3. I love the geometric necklace.

    Happy New Year Miss Ava. Stay awesome! :)

  4. all these blessings from wonderful people. how nice.

  5. aww i love the last bag! ang cute! :)

  6. we saw gersh in mega when he just bought you those shoes, super gush kami ni ana! hahaha :)

  7. wow, thats a lot of goodies you have there....the natasha sandals is cute =)

  8. You've got lovely gifts Ava and you really deserve all these! The totes you received are so "you"!!! ♥


  9. aww, so many gifts, you are definitely loved! happy new year! :)


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