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by - January 11, 2012

This entry is way way way overdue and this happened last 2011, so imagine how much setbacks I had. I feel bad that it took me this long to blog about this because it is my first time to experience doing such a thing and it's also one of the many things I wanna do as a blogger. BV it got delayed. :( But, better late than never, right?:)

So, yes, the title you see is right! Last October 2011, I was given the chance by Pax and Jear to be one of their assistant stylist together with Keigh and Bianca at their Manila Bulletin Fashion Editorial Styling stint. That was actually the first surprise since I only joined them the day before the shoot and  the second surprise was we got to help style, Claire Unabia-James from ANTM, Cycle 10 and Ford Supermodel of the World, Danica Magpantay!:) You can pretty much guess how hyped up I was about this!


Gold Dot and Das shoes!
Can you say, EXCESSORIZE???
The location of our shoot was the Jak En Poy Exhibit by the PSID students. As some of you know, fellow bloggers, Aivan Magno and Raleene Cabrera were a part of this, so i'll be posting their beautiful exhibit here!:) Another delayed post. :( But for now, here are some BTS pictures from Claire's shoot...


Claire and Jear :)
Pax is such a pro at being a stylist!:)
Its been awhile since I last watched ANTM, so I was a bit shocked when I found out that Claire actually had a 4 year old daughter named, Halina. :) Aside from being assistant stylists, Keigh and I were her also her babysitters for the day while Momma Claire was busy with her shoot. To be honest, I loved every minute I got to spend with her. She's so pretty, witty and sweet! Last time I saw her was PFW S/S'12 and so happy she still remembered me. No doubt that she'll also rock being a model someday. :)


Bianca, Halina and Keigh :)


She is just the cutest, I swear! I miss her already. :(( Ms. Claire, I can babysit Halina every weekend. I have years worth of experience! haha!:))

While waiting for Danica's turn, I went around the exhibit a bit and took pictures of the ones I fancied. Can I just say that PSID students are really really talented! The Jak En Poy Exhibit definitely showed us that we can produce world class works!
I wanna do this to my future house someday :)


BAMBOOZLED by Aivan Magno's group!


GLAMOROUS & GREEN by Raleene Cabrera's group :) *spot Halina!*


There were a lot more exhibits that I loved. Hoping I could make the interior of my house as beautiful as these designs. :)

After Claire's shoot, we had Danica Magpantay up next and it was more overwhelming to meet her because she's a fellow Augustinian (schoolmates!) like me and Keigh. Not only is she pretty but very easy to talk to as well. :)


Spot Halina again but this time with her Auntie Danica!:) I can really feel the model blood running through her veins! The camera loves her and bet na bet ko ang tutu with sneakers look niya!;)


In person/off cam, Danica is actually funny and interesting to talk to. I guess you can say she has this quirky vibe but once the camera starts shooting, she turns into Miss Ford Supermodel of the World and from there you'll know how good of a model she absolutely is.

I know I've been blabbing about my babysitter experience but of course I won't let this post go by without showing you a few of my BTS as assistant stylist. Thank you, to my "tey" Keigh for the photos!


Funny story about the photo above and the shoes. I was actually on my knees when I was fixing Danica's strap, when she suddenly walked. I think she thought I was done, so she accidentally moved. Hence, the photo of me lying down while fixing her shoe. =P

Now for some BTS fun! Some pictures after work mode!


Pax in one of the exhibit, sporting a coat from the pull-outs haha!:)) Parang totoong bahay mo lang, girl! Love it!


With Claire and Danica. :) I feel so tiny!

Next photos are not mine. I take no credit for them. :)


Love these! We all look tired but very happy!^_^


Finally, the outcome: Manila Bulletin Lifestyle- November 11, 2011 and BTS video. :)

Thank you so much again to, Pax, Jear and my co assistant stylists: Keigh and Bianca for letting me experience this amazing styling stint with you guys. I'll never forget this. I learned that fashion isn't always about glamour. Especially if your job is a stylist. It's hard but I also I love it. :) hoping to do this again in the near future!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. aaaw what a great opportunity <3 meeting models and being a stylist would be a dream come true for me too :)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  2. Awww such a wonderful experience, Ava! I believe you'll be a great stylist soon, kami na ang assistant mo! :)) And I'm really happy na despite the success of these models, they're still so down-to-earth. You girls deserve to succeed!


  3. Wow! Parang ang saya nitong experience na to. Hopefully, I can experienced it rin. :P

  4. This is such a great experience! Meeting those 2 most humblest model of all is a bonus :)


  5. tagal na nga nito! i have so much backlog din! and i have had such a hard time getting my blogging groove back! Good job! see you soon, mwah! :)

  6. i have so much backlog too. andaming posts from 2011! ang cute nga ng daughter niya and love the locale for the shoot.

    btw, congrats with the assistant styling stint. do we see a career change this 2012? :)


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