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by - January 12, 2012

I had these pictures on my iPhoto for quite awhile now but didn't post them immediately. Won't say why first. I'll keep it hush hush. The only hint is that it had to be in a Korean Fashion theme. :) 

I honestly don't know how to dress up in a K Pop way, so I even had to research on how they dress up. I even watched 2NE1, Girls Generation, Big Bang, etc. to know more. What I got from that was that they like wearing sneakers, neon colors and bold accessories. Hence, the outcome...

skirt: impulse co | sneakers: converse | bag: studio boheme | spiked bracelet: bubbles | glasses: taiwan

I hope I pulled it off! If not, there's always another to experiment! Fashion should be fun after all!:)

P.S. Can I just say how slow our immigration is here? :| My Mom and I have been going almost everyday to the immigration since she got here, waiting for her ACR to come out but up to this very day, still none and she was suppose to be bound for Taiwan last week. Sigh. I just hope they finally fix it because her work is on the line. Please pray that we get it already. :( Thank you!

Also a busy week for me at school this term. I have some majors, so its been quite a load. Second week of school and I already have home works, book review and reports. :( Missing events and the friends. :(

Anyhoo, wishing everyone a happy Friday ahead!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Aww love the outfit so cute! and I really pray that your mom will get her ACR soon


  2. sooooo cute.. loving the bag and your chucks.. yay! :) korean na korean for me.. though i must admit that all i know was they do love colors, bold ones and cute stuffs :)

  3. Really cute outfit :)
    I love the satchel
    and what you did w/ the shoe laces is so cute!

    xx à la mode

  4. I love your tulle skirt! And the satchel is love too!


  5. i want that neon satchel, ava! such a nice dose of color. :)

  6. you look adorable as usual! :) and yes, BV talaga immigration, my grandma used to get so annoyed with them when she was still fixing her green card :(

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    WIN Pur Minerals essentials kit, loafers from paisley and 3k GC from Fia Manilla

  7. so adorable and colorful :)

  8. panalo ang sneakers! love your take on kpop fashion!

  9. Wow! I love the outfit! Kpop na Kpop talaga. You also looked like a Korean din. :)))



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