Gypsy for a day

by - January 22, 2012

Since we were going to Katy Perry's meet-and-greet last Saturday, I wanted to wear something colorful because that's what Katy Perry reminds me of; colors!:) But I didn't go for wild ones like she does. I went for a pastel palette for that day. :)

Oh and funny story, I was 30 minutes late, so Ana and Melai were already at the Atrium and my pass was with them. So, I had to wait until the spotted me outside. Once they did, they immediately went to me and handed my pass. When I handed over my pass to one of the organizers, first thing she said to us was, "Naaliw ako sa color palettes niyo ah! Isang collection lang ba yan??" Lol. =P Just found it funny that wherever we go, we always end up dressing up in a weird way for people. I take that as a compliment. :)

With that, here's our "Meet Katy Perry" Collection... =P


I guess you can somewhat say this was a collection because we had some similarities. Like, Ana and Melai wore blazers that day. Ana and I both wore maxi skirts and we all had our hair down. ;)


When I was dressing up, I didn't realized at first that I looked like a gypsy. I think this is the first time I went out looking like this and I kinda like it. :) BTW, excuse the different locations of my outfit shots. I wasn't satisfied with just one or two so I kept repeating them. :))


top: belle york | skirt: summersault | scarf: taiwan | bag: accessorize | earrings: nikita | necklace turned into belt | shoes: shop dainty

I used my uber cute dreamcatcher earrings to complete my gypsy-look and bow clutch to make my outfit even more quirky! :)

After the Katy Perry thing, we all headed to Robot and I actually can't wait to share with you guys my outfit shots there. I swear, the place is OTD heaven!:) Will just wait for the photos, then will blog about it! Have a great night, guys!

x A.F.A.

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  1. youre one cute gypsy, avaaaa ^^ aymishu.


  2. OMG I love this gypsy look, Ava! I like all the colors in this outfit, and you guys seemed so pretty that day! ♥ So happy for you, you got to meet Katy!! *_*


  3. ava ang cute ng colors!! pink looks great on you!!:):)

  4. i love pastel!! looks great on you, ava :)


    PS. I found the little dinosaurs! Thanks again for the info ;)

  5. love the vibrant colors from all your outfits. :)

  6. Nice colors! you're the prettiest gypsy ever :)


  7. You girls always look so fab! :))

    I hope i will have that guts to post my OTD too!

    Anyway, we got the same bag! How lovely! :)


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