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by - January 21, 2012

Do you guys still remember my "You can stop traffic" outfit post a couple of weeks ago? The one I had in my iPhoto for awhile but never got to post and had to keep "hush hush"? Well, now I can finally spill what it was for and I'm excited to share with you guys my second magazine feature from Sparking Magazine: Winter 2012 issue!!!^_^


A month after my first ever magazine feature from Meg, I got an email from Ms. Gigi of Sparkling Magazine, asking if I wanted to do a KPOP styling feature and of course, who am I to deny?? This was too awesome to pass up, so I gladly said, yes!:) I admit, I'm not a huge fan of KPOP but I do love their culture. Who doesn't, right??

Sparkling Magazine is under Summit Media and releases a copy once every two months. You can say it took awhile before this came out but it's so worth it! It's actually my first time to buy this magazine and I personally find the content nice without any bias at all. :) If you're into Korean stuff then, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading this. It's a flip cover, BTW! Grab a copy if you can!;) CLICK HERE to know where you can get a copy or two hehe *Shameless plug!*

Thank you again to Ms. Gigi and Sparkling for this lovely feature! At least now I know I can pull off KPOP. Heee. :")

I can't wait to blog about my Meet and Greet experience with Katy Perry next!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Wow! Sparkling Mag's like the major KPop magazine today! :) Congrats! I like you outfit, KPop talaga.

  2. oh you lucky ducky!
    and katy perry??? WOOOHHH so excited for that.

  3. Congrats Ava :) you look as cute as those K-pop artists :))

  4. Really cuuute in this feature, Ava dear! :) Congratulations!! ♥ And omggg I'm so excited for your Katy Perry meet and greet post! :)


  5. Hi Ava! :) Haven't been active for awhile. I missed reading your posts. Wow congrats on the feature super cute very KPOP ng outfit mo! :) I'm actually a big KPOP fan. I'm such a dork when it comes to it. hehe. TC! :)

  6. Great feature! love it!


  7. I'm blog walking so I apologize for the spam. XD

    Congrats with the feature, Ava! :)


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