Hippie shake and a VLOG

by - January 20, 2012

I got this pretty dreamcatcher earrings in the mail last Tuesday from NIKITA and you can call it by its cute name, HIPPIE SHAKE!:) I feel like a giddy little girl just saying that. :)


Thank you so much, Nike for my pretty pretty pretty earrings!^_^ Also, I love the personalized note. Always the best thing when receiving a package!

Now on VLOG, BLOG and SCHMOG....Okay, I really don't get what the last word meant. But annnnnyhoot, I have been thinking of making a video blog (VLOG) here but since this is my first official VLOG and not just the ones I post during my announcing of giveaway winners before, I wanted it to be more serious and at least something that made sense. But I am quite problematic because I don't know how to start it or even what to talk about. :| You see the dilemma? haha :)) So, this is where my little favor comes in....

If you have any suggestions or if you even have questions that I can answer, please leave a comment below!:) I'm also doing this on my Facebook page! Incase I don't get any, which is a possibility, I guess I won't make one in the mean time since I think I won't make any sense. =P So there you have it. :)

Hope you all are having a better Friday than I am. I'm kinda blue right now, so I won't make this long. Take care, ya'll!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Nikola always starts her vlog tutorials with "Hi, it's me Nikola, I'm going to teach you a tutorial today" LOL, did that help? looking forward to it! kisses babe! :)

    WIN 3k GC from Fia Manilla and loafers from Paisley clothing!

  2. OMG! Those earrings are super pretty!!! xx

  3. Pareho tayo! Been wanting to put up a VLOG for the longest time! Hahaha :) Happy, happy 7th/4th year ava!! You deserve all the blessings you're getting!

    Cute earrings! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Ah, dream catchers! <3 How about you start with one word that would describe your day? Like, 'WOW.' I find it much easier to talk after that :)

    Almira :)

  5. Cute earrings! :)


  6. Lovely earrings you've got, Ava! :) And OMG I'm sooo waiting for your vlog! Hahaha see you soon, babe!


  7. How cute! There's a handwritten note from the owner. :)

  8. i miss youuuu!:) and this is so you! cute lang!



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