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by - January 08, 2012

Whenever we go to Hubby's place, I always bring my laptop with me and it was quite difficult before just carrying it around with me and putting it in the car without a case. Luckily, I got one from Punchdrunk Panda that not only protects my laptop but also fits my blogger lifestyle with the different designs they have to offer. I myself got "RED" by Kneil Melicano. Local pride, ya'll! :)


I know white can easily get dirty, but I don't have to worry because PdP has a card that tells me how to clean it up in a jiffy and of course how to take care of my case as well!


Don't you just love the panda??? I love ze panda!

Aside from the laptop case, I also can't help but have their camera straps and I've been crazy about the color purple lately, so I got myself their latest strap, "ETNIK!" by Pat Manlapas. :) They other designs to choose from!


Not only perfect for DSLR but also Canon G12 cameras!:) Awesome, right?:)

I recommend PdP if you want locally made and designed stuff for your gadgets. Their products are not only cute but quality wise, you're assured your moneys worth!

Thank you PdP for helping me find the perfect laptop sleeve and strap for my camera. It protects my stuff but definitely not in a boring way, thanks to the awesome artwork!;)

x A.F.A.

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  1. I own a laptop sleeve from PDP and I'm soooo loving it <3

  2. I've always loved PdP and the amazing people behind it!! ♥♥ Great items you've got, Ava! Very blogger ang laptop sleeve!! Haha miss you!


  3. I LOVE it!
    The laptop case looks trendy and comfy!
    And I love your G12 strap :)

    xx à la mode

  4. Yehey! Thanks a lot, Ava! *hugs* :D

  5. I have the same camera strap too! :)


  6. i should get a laptop case like that very very soon! haha! :)

  7. PDP is one of the best local makers of laptop sleeves and their designs are pretty! :)


  8. G12 is <3! i own a g11! and walan pang 3 weeks may g12 na, but still. canon lang tlga ang nice cam for me ^^ <3 esp the G-series


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