Swensen's ice cream treat!

by - January 09, 2012

Last weekend, I spent my Saturday with my lovely group (who I missed so incredibly much!),  The Trio; Angel and Keigh but this time we had our wonderful readers with us to make it more fun!:)

Bei, Keigh, Kevin (K's BF!), Angel and Bec :)

I was an hour late for this gathering. (my bad! :( ) so as you can see, the others already had their ice cream treat. Lucky for me, they're quite patient and still waited for me and my readers. Thank you, guys!:")

I'm really glad that Swensen's finally opened up a branch here in Manila. It's a bit difficult when you're craving for their ice cream and the only branch I could think of is the one in Taiwan. haha!:)) The difference though is in Taiwan, we have lunch/dinner kinda food there plus ice cream, of course! While here it's just ice cream. Unfortunately, I won't be going to Taiwan this summer, so thank you, Angel and Swensen's Manila for this wonderful treat!^_^

So fashhhyyyon, you two!:)

My readers, Sammy had the ice cream fondue set, Regine had the gold rush, while I had the yummy banana split!:)

Oh and the fun part, it was actually Sammy's 19th birthday that day, so it was just perfect timing that we had this Trio treat. The sweet staff of Swensen's surprised her with a song (ala T.G.I.FRIDAYS lang ang peg) and of course a candle on her ice cream!


Happy Birthday, Sammy dear! I hope we made your birthday extra special and sweet this year!;)

To finally end the day, it is a must to have a TRIO picture! All the more that it was our last time to see Angel since she's all the way in Bangkok right now. :(


This is such a pretty candid shot courtesy of Bei! Thank you for this!:)


TO: SAMMY AND REGINE, Thank you so much for going all the way to MoA just to have this Sweet treat with us. :) I really appreciate the effort, especially from you, Regine! Kalerky when you told me that you were still figuring out how to go home! But I'm glad you got home safely. :) You both made   it an happy Saturday. Thank you thank you! Hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did!

Hop on the Swensen's express!:)

Group shot!!!:)

It was an awesome Saturday for me. After our Swensen's bonding, me, Keigh and Bec had dinner at BonChon to continue our chikahan. :) Nothing beats hanging out with your friends. :) But this actually makes me miss attending events more and seeing the rest of the blog friends. huhu. :( I hope to see you all soon!

So have you tried Swensen's yet?:) How was it for you?

x A.F.A.

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  1. hmmm, sarap! ang layo ng MOA.. hehehe! maybe on my next manila trip i could try this. =)

  2. aaaww! this made me crave for swensen! :D:D great event ava!! wished I've joined the giveaway but had a busy sched on that day. Next time siguro :)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  3. Super happy Swensen's treat! :) You all looked gorgeous with those smiles! Miss you Ava!


  4. ang cute naman, birthday niya. talagang perfect timing! love all the food photos. :)

  5. Ava, I love your hair here and your blazer! :) I hope to see you three soon! <3

  6. Thanks too Miss Ava! 'til next bonding! hihi >:)

  7. ava, i hate you for posting this. and i hate myself for reading your blog at 12mn. now, how can i answer my craving for ice cream? haha!

  8. never heard of swensen's! tagal ko na di nakakapunta MoA!!! haha :) but thanks for this sweet info, must try it soon :)

  9. Super thank you ulit Ms. Ava! :D
    Hope to see you again!

    More Power! <3

  10. Washi tapes! :) I adore them so. I have four rolls myself, and I'm hoping I collect more, hee. :)

    Happy New Year, Ava! (Late, but still. Haha!)

  11. My first time to try Swensen's was in Bangkok. Yeah, they had food there but I think it was Pizza Hut found on top of the Ice Cream Parlor? :) hehe. That tray with various scoops looks amazing!

  12. Thank you so much for coming, Ava. We need to meet up when I get back, so we can catch up. Wish I had gone to Bonchon with you guys instead of to Resorts World. Would have been a much happier ending to my last day in Manila before my trip. :(


  13. aww Ava you look super pretty and that blazer is so nice on you!

  14. Nice hair Ava. And the treat is simply awesome. Swensen's ice cream is great, I've tasted it already:)) And definitely one of my newest addiction when it comes to food:) haha.


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