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by - January 31, 2012

As some of you may know, I am very into satchels. I've collected a lot already in the past and up to now I still love them to bits!:) But of course if you're on a student budget and love collecting, you can't really go spending on the expensive ones. Fortunately, there's a shop called, STUDIO BOHEME that sells and even customizes high quality Honey Badger satchels at affordable prices. :)

Pretty, right? I'm sure you all are curious about customizing your own satchel, so I also tried doing a few ones on my own. My creations were actually quite messy, because I only used paint, but the owner of Studio Boheme, Marqui Santos was nice enough to clean it up for me and they look really sweet!!:)

I tried doing the metallic material first and so far, I like it!:) Imagine how much you'll standout with a metallic satchel, right?:)
But of course, the Artsy-Fartsy in me just had to make a multi-colored one to match my style and personality. The Hubby even said that all my favorite colors are here!:) This will be my pick!:) Can't wait to see it!  Gorgeous!!!^_^

Now the exciting part! STUDIO BOHEME will be collaborating with ARTSY FARTSY AVA and they are nice enough to do an amazing giveaway for you all my readers this coming February!!! Awesome, right??? I am excited for this, so hope you are too!:)

While waiting for the giveaway, you can click my sidebar to see more from STUDIO BOHEME and what else they offer aside from satchels. Also, i'll be visiting their store soon, so watch out for my entry of that! So now, what's your favorite bag?;)

x A.F.A.

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  1. I am now imagining a Wonder Woman satchel and what that would entail. EXCITING. I want! Haha.

  2. i love the last one! pink and turquoise. i die! cant wait for your giveaway, Ava!

    perfumed red shoes

  3. Wow with the personalized Studio Boheme satchels! :) Really gorgeous and "artsy". ;) Woot!



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