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by - January 29, 2012

I am not a morning person. I can be the staying-up-until-the-crack-of-dawn or afternoon kinda person but never a bright and early one. If you see me up as early as 7, 8 or 9 AM, that only means that I have a very early class to get to or I have an important thing that I can't be late for. Those are the only reasons I would get up, but believe me, if it's for school, I'm kinda on the grumpy side, so imagine when I had to rush to school yesterday at 7:30AM and on a Saturday. Boo. :| But yday was an exception. I had the Coke-Bench fashion show to look forward to and only 30 minutes passed when I got home, our doorbell rang twice and Mr. Xend had these for me...


From Denise of Simone's Closet. I didn't fully exposed the items, so that it'll be a surprise when I style them. As for the violet necklace, I know you already saw it on my previous post and I suggest you mark your calendars for Simone's closet's upcoming collection this February. I just love her fabric accessories so very much! Oh and this even came with a personalized letter. Always so thoughtful! Thank you for these, Denise!^_^


Got the cutest casing ever in the mail as well!:) I still have my old Game Boy Color in purple and this made me reminisce a lot on my childhood. I'm sure my BB Plum would go perfectly with this new casing! Thank you, The Wow Shop!


Some coveting accessories from Envy Fashion + Accessories. I love the cuffs so much! They're so pretty and all the more that bracelets are my weakness! Thinking of the many ways and surely the many times i'll be wearing them hehe. :)) Thank you, Ann of Envy!

I know this post is all about packages but the next photo isn't from Mr. postman, but something I picked up at the mall last week. :)


Finally got to use the GC that Golden ABC gave me last Christmas and got a sweater-like material dress and a watermelon scented sanitizer to  hang on my bag from Penshoppe!:)

Gonna spend the day with the fambam tomorrow! Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

x A.F.A.

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  1. They're all sooo sweet for sending you these, Ava! :) Love the cuffs you got from Envy! And I agree with you, Denise is always really thoughtful with the personalized letter! Love it!


  2. i love your blog and all the cute stuff in it! :)

  3. great stuff ava! can't wait to see you wear some of 'em in your outfit posts! :)

  4. so many cute gifts ava!:) cant wait to see them in you :


  5. Your sponsors are so generous! :) You're so blessed!



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