Baguio adventure: Outfit day 1

by - February 27, 2012

Hello lovely people in the blogsphere!!!:) I am back from Baguio City and I missed blogging so much!! But I have to admit that I really miss Baguio as well. I think I semi-left my heart there. :( 

My upcoming posts (yes, marami siya!) will be all about our Baguio trip and here's the first! It was quite cold in Baguio, so you'll mostly see me in layers. Here's my outfit for our day one adventure...


For some reason, I felt like the beanie made me look like a boy here. haha!=P So, I took it off to be the girly me and of course, to finally show you, guys my first OTD with my ombre hair!


knit sweater: landmark | flare pants: mossimo | necklace: nikita | shoes: schu | scarf: gift from mom

First time to post an OTD of me wearing flare pants and I love it!:) My only pair of shoes the whole trip was my ever-so-reliable flats from Schu. We walked and stood a lot and it never failed me. Truly the perfect flats!

That's all for now. Will rest my eyes first. :) Happy to be back!

x A.F.A.

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  1. i miss you ava and i am so inlove with your new hair.

  2. Hi Ava! You were in Baguio?? That's my hometown. Ish. Haha. Great outfit!

  3. Why you so cute Ava? Ang adorable mong tingnan with your outfit :)

  4. oh i love baguio so much too! love your scarf, ava!

  5. "I think I semi-left my heart there. :( " - I feel you! I miss Baguio! What I miss most in Baguio is wearing layered clothes without worrying much! Not like here in Manila, in the morning it will rain then suddenly super sunny na! Hahaha!:) Nice outfit!:)


  6. Your blackberry case is so cute!! Where did you have it replaced and how much? Thank you!!

  7. Love your outfit, babe! :) You look sooo good with the knit sweater! ♥♥


  8. nice knit sweater Ms. Ava!! love it!!!

    paint it stripes


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