Coke-Bench Fashion show: BTS

by - February 06, 2012

My Coke-Bench Fashion show experience was indeed a happy one, so i'll be making two parts to show you guys what happened during the rehearsal and fashion show itself. After all, we did get there around 2PM (early birds). Must show our fashion correspondent powers!:))


When Krissy, Alex, Cheyser, Pax and I got to Trinoma's activity center, we were quite early because we had to be there around 2PM as fashion correspondents to see how the rehearsals went and to review other things. 


The Philippine All Stars, practicing their dance while I was drooling over Kathryn Bernardo's wedges. Preeeeetttttyyy!!! And I think comfy as well because she was wearing this during rehearsals, while dancing and even the show itself!:)

And the moment all the girls were waiting for...

Enchong Dee! I swear, even during rehearsals, the girls can scream on cue! Once, Enchong comes out, they scream! No doubt, he's one of the ambassadors. People love him!:)


With my fellow fashion correspondents and we got the chance to see David and Vern before the show!:)


Spot Vern during the rehearsal and don't they (David and Vern) look good together?? Nice blogger tandem!:) 

That's all the BTS, I have for you, guys! Watch out for the fashion show next!!:)

x A.F.A.

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