Coke-Bench Fashion Show: Rally for Happiness!

by - February 15, 2012

Last January 28, 2012, my blogger friends and I went to Trinoma Mall to attend the Coke-Bench Fashion show as fashion correspondents and what an honor that was for all of us. To be chosen as a part of the biggest tandem of brands (Coke-Bench) in our country is amazing. But to also be part of influencing the youth and to spread happiness with the Coke ambassadors, was just overwhelming. :) 

And as your fashion correspondent, here's a photo diary of what happened...

Trinoma Activity Center so packed!
My fashion correspondent badge for that day!;)
With the beautiful bloggers: Vernience, Cheyser, Pax, and Krissy
Raise your Coke for happiness!

The event started with the Coca-Cola Music Studio, Myx VJs Chino Lui-Pio and Bianca Roque welcoming everyone who came and they also invited us to go up on stage. Something we all didn't expect, so we were so nervous. =P Nevertheless, we braved the stage and told everyone how great it felt to be part of Coke-Bench's fashion show and rally for Happiness. :)

Sinong kabado??=P

For the one's who couldn't make it to Trinoma that day and even for viewers around the world, Coke was enough enough to do a live streaming via their website: Reason why I have snippets of us on stage. Thanks to Cat Trivino for the first picture and Jem Villaverde for the second picture!:)

After our short interview, the president Coca-Cola Philippines, Mr. Guillermo Aponte gave his opening remarks, then it was time for the count down to 100 to celebrate Coke's 100th birthday in the country...

UE Pep Squad

The UE Pep squad gave an electrifying performance while the Philippine All-Stars followed to give a heart-pumping number. :) They danced so well that it made me wanna dance too!

The Philippine All-Stars
The moment everyone was waiting for... The fashion show!:)

Spot David!
Love this!
One of our models during the Primadonna fashion show!
Gorgeous Vern!

They had a few celebrities walk down the runway, but what made us really excited was seeing our fellow bloggers, David Guison and Vern Enciso walk down that runway. Go bloggers!!:)

Of course, the Coke-Bench Fashion Show wouldn't be complete without the new league of Happiness Ambassadors; Enchong Dee, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo and Joseph Marco who made an explosive and exciting entrance...

Joseph Marco
Julia Montes, Joseph Marco and Kathryn Bernardo 
Enchong Dee!!!!^_^

The grand harness entrance of Enchong Dee just made all the girls go wild and screaming at the top of their lungs!

 The last part of the show was the gathering of all the models, Happiness ambassadors, Coca-Cola's President, Sir Ben Chan, the UE Pep Squad, the Philippine All Star and 100 teens from various school and youth organizations nationwide in a flash mob dance-off...

Spot Vern!
Mr. Ben Chan and Guillermo Aponte dancing!
And the best way to end the show? CONFETTI and BALLOONS, of course!:) Open happiness!!!


The event was indeed a happy one, but it wouldn't be complete without a few pictures with the blog friends and people I met that day!:)

With Kristina L. Thank you for this and nice meeting you!:)
Fashion Correspondents and fellow bloggers!:)
With Cat Trivino. Finally our photo together!!:)
Backstage with Paul, Pax and Krissy :)

The first time I ever met THE Ben Chan. One thing I could say about him is that he is so nice and down-to-earth. He even took the time out of his busy night to talk to us and have his picture taken. He is also very simple. Reason why I believe his brand is successful and is taking the malls by storm. Bench is everywhere!:)

Before I end this post, I'd like to share with you the second ground-breaking collaboration of Coke and Bench....

In this second groundbreaking partnership, the world’s beloved icon of happiness, Coca-Cola, and the phenomenal proudly-Pinoy lifestyle brand, Bench, guarantee that the fashion domination will be much greater- a hundred times the excitement, a hundred times the fun! With these two pop icons in creative collaboration, the collection is a confident badge of Filipino youthfulness.
Of course, a partnership so epic could only bring nothing less than breakthrough surprises. First up is the much-awaited reveal of the new league of Coca-Cola’s happiness ambassadors in the name of four of the hottest teen idols of today: Enchong Dee, Julia Montes, Joseph Marco and Kathryn Bernardo. Together, they will lead the youth all over the nation to wear their bright hopes for the future and declare what makes them happy. “The Coca-Cola Originals by Bench is our generation’s way of making a remarkable statement. Wearing it affirms our choice to join Coca-Cola’s uber exciting 100th year celebration and to continue spreading happiness among others,” says Enchong. 

Indeed, opening happiness wherever, whenever is fashionably much easier this time around as we’d all get to fash up with a full line co-branded apparel and merchandise collection. Imagine not only having the coolest, uniquely designed tees to flaunt around but also matching bags, key chains, caps and even tumblers! If that doesn’t excite you yet, you might also want to grab accessories of all kinds to pump up your style. And the best part is, they are all available at Bench stores nationwide the whole year round, starting February 1, 2012

With a bottle of our favorite Coca-Cola in hand, now all of us have the power to show our indestructible spirit through fashion and be happiness ambassadors, ourselves. As how chic star-on-the-rise Julia Montes says: “I want to wear it because it shows that I enjoy life to the fullest and that I’m a happy person. Every piece is just a daily reminder of how 

Well, this finally concludes my fashion correspondent experience. Thank you so much to Pebbles Duque for taking care of us and to Coke and Bench for making me a part of this amazing and truly memorable day! Spread the happiness!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Really enjoyed the show with you and all our lovely bloggers. :) You did so great as a fashion correspondent, babe! ♥


  2. Too bad I missed this! Such a grand event! :)


  3. two BIG brands collaborating is just WOW!! :) no stopping them from being so successful here in the country :D

  4. One day, you'll be on that ramp, too, Ava! :D

  5. This looked like so much fun! :) You guys look all so stylish and cute :) Definitely gonna go spread the happiness :)

    Kisses! xxx


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