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by - February 17, 2012


I have been contemplating for the past couple of months what to get as a birthday gift for my Love Buddy, because his birthday is fast approaching. Fortunately, ARC Marketing and PR sent me a kit from Fresh Fragrance bar and from there, my problem was solved!:)

They have over 5 branches, but last Sunday, I went over to their branch at Eastwood to check out what they have....

I was surprised to see that they have stuff from Bath and Body Works, because I remember loving this brand when I was still in the states, but unfortunately, they didn't have it here in Manila when I came back. But that was years ago, so it's really great that Fresh Fragrance Bar carries their perfumes. :)

FReSH has an extensive selection of premium imported scents--from luxury designer brands to retail favorites, as well as the latest from sports, fashion, and entertainment superstars. It is a one stop shop/boutique for perfumes which makes shopping for your favorite scents convenient and pleasant experience. Fresh Fragrance Bar stores also has well trained staff who can assist you in finding the right scent for you.

I love how they have almost all the scents I want and not only that, they were helpful when it came to picking out perfumes that would suit my Hubby. :) The offered, Swiss Army, Perry Ellis and Benetton Cold. They all smelled equally good, so I had a hard time picking. If only I could take home everything! By the time I'm 30, I could be a perfume connoisseur!

It was a tough decision, but we went home with these in hand...

Gersh is quite the perfume addict, so it takes more than one bottle to last him. That's why, I think this is the best birthday gift I could get him and it made him really happy. :)

Thank you so much to ARC Marketing and PR and FReSH Frangrance Bar!

Visit them at the ff branches: Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City | Abreeza Mall in Davao | Marquee Mall, Pampanga | Garden Wing of Alabang Town Center | Podium Mall

x A.F.A.

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  1. Wow! Scents heaven! :) I'm sure Gersh will love your gift. *_* Sweet girl!



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