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by - February 02, 2012

Attended EMO Jewelry's launch at Cafe 1771 last week and I will be quite honest about my impression of EMO whenever I pass by their store at the mall. I actually had the image of EMO in my mind as an ordinary jewelry store that sells plain-boring silver and I actually didn't quite get the name either, so when Brand Manager, Mr. Sidney Ang invited me to their launch, I agreed to go because I didn't want to judge a book by its cover and actually wanted to know more about the brand. :)

Yummy cocktail food!

I'm glad that I went to this event, because not only is the location, Cafe 1771 classy, I also got to see a few of my blog friends, who I haven't seen in ages due to a lot of schoolwork!:)

Keigh, Arnie, (Arnie's friend: sorry forgetful me :( ) and Angel!
Beautiful Decena sisters!
With Joana Cinco :)
With Keigh, Bec, Angel and Yna!:)

I missed you, girls!!!^_^

Another reason why I'm glad I went to this event is because I did learn something about EMO and for one, they do not sell boring-silver accessories. They have STAINLESS STEEL and it isn't the same kind used for spoons and forks. Rather, medical grade stainless steel is used, the kind you find in surgical blades, and in body bone implants, hence it being high hypoallergenic. So next time you pass by any EMO store, you better think again about it being dull. Go inside and give yourself a treat! EMO Jewelry will never tarnish like silver and is a naturally whiter metal as compared to white gold. Plus, they offer a dazzling array of different styles and designs to suit today's modern women. :)


Here are some of the samples we saw at the event and the quality is really impressive. Even Angel was so tempted to buy a necklace! I for one loved the ring!^_^


I'm guessing I'm not the only blogger who's curious and attracted with EMO Jewelry. ;)

Mr. Sidney Ang also showed us EMO Jewelry's website; EMO.PH and how it works...


The EMO name came from his younger sister because she was into the "Emo" stage before and she kept saying she was "Emo" and the name kinda stuck. EMO also stands for "Emotion." That's why they called it that. :)

We also enjoyed a few games, like determining which accessories were silver, gold, white gold, only to find out they were all stainless steel! Another game was who had the highest heels and most accessories. The winners, Bec and Joana won some Emo accessories. :)

Momma Earth in the house!:)

The day I chose to wear my doll shoes. This happens haha!:)) Congrats, girls!

EMO Jewelry is available at SM Megamall, SM Fairview, SM North Edsa, SM Pasig Hypermarket, SM Mall of Asia and Cash & Carry. But if you want to stay in the comforts of your own home, you can also shop online and with a 10% discount courtesy of EMO x A.F.A. too!:) How??

STEP 1: Got to EMO.PH and register...

Picture 1

STEP 2: SHOP!:) Pick the items you want to put in your shopping cart...

Picture 2

STEP 3: Go to your shopping cart and before checkout, enter my discount code: AVA123 below to get 10% OFF on your items!:) 

Picture 3

Neat, right?

So it's that easy!:) I promise, you won't regret buying from EMO. They have really nice stuff and I love them! I'm actually eyeing on a few items myself, like these...

They're so pretty, aren't they??:) Go visit the nearest EMO store now!:)

Thank you to EMO and Mr. Sidney Ang for having me at your event and opening my eyes to how lovely EMO Jewelry is!

x A.F.A.

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  1. I love the first choker neck piece featured! Nice :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Yay Ava I missed you!! :) It was so great to see you last Friday. Hugs and kisses!! :) Haha and I still can't get over with your discount code, no need to shorten your name! It's really easy to remember kaya okay na okay. ♥♥ See you again soon, babe!



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