TRIO at BLISS: The Assumption College Night!

by - February 02, 2012

Will be experiencing my third styling stint this coming February 4, 2012, thanks to my good friend, Keigh Jalbuena. :) The TRIO (Angel, Keigh and I) will be styling the fashion show and I cannot wait to bond with my girls! Hoping you could support us and join in the fun by coming to The Tents at Alphaland Southgate, Saturday, 6PM!:) Tickets will be sold at the gates for Php 300. Excited for this!

Before I end this post, I just wanna leave you with a sweet description of the TRIO from Angel's blog...

"The TRIO consists of Angeline Rodriguez, Keigh Jalbuena and Ava Te - a group of three fashion and lifestyle bloggers who formed a unique friendship through the world of fashion. Albeit of completely different personalities, they are living proof that true friendship can evolve in and with style."- ANGEL RODRIGUEZ

I am really blessed to have these girls as my friend.

Tweet or holla at us if you're coming! Heee. :") See you Saturday!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Have a great times girls! :)



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