Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams

by - February 12, 2012

Woke up to a cold and rainy weather, so the first thing that came in mind for outfit today was, rain gear. So I took my favorite sweater and booties out for a spin!:) Oh and this is my first outfit shot taken in the rain!

sweater: terranova | pants: bench | booties: sole'd overshoes | bag: studio boheme | necklace: simone's closet

I know you don't normally see me wear booties, so I just wanna share with you all what makes the pair I wore today amazing! 

SOLE'D OVERSHOES are a kind of weather protection footwear designed to be worn over one's shoes to protect them from the harsh weather. 


I know we don't have winter to be in boots all the time, but imagine how hard it is to commute, the water goes in and gives you this really uncomfortable feeling or worse, be in your favorite shoes and it gets wet/ruined. :( So, see, how handy having Sole'd overshoes are? If the sun comes out, you can fold them and put them in your bag. Think of them as shoes for your shoes! I actually call them my, "Rain or shine" shoes cos I'd actually still wear them in the summer, but with shorts. ;) 

To be honest, I was happy it rained today. =P Reason #1 is because it was too hot last week and second, I really wanted to wear my booties today. Heee. :") I even went through a puddle without even noticing haha! I feel very protected. They're affordable too at only Php 850 and it comes in 6 colors. Visit them to see!:)  Thank you, Raizel Castro for my lovely pair!

I wore this, BTW for my hair appointment over at Azta Urban Salon and just a Sunday night out. :) Hope you all had a great weekend!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Nice Shoes Ava ! And the Satchel, so pretty !

    Visit my Blog: www.ohsomefrankie.blogspot.com

  2. sorry but i didnt like the boots :/ looks big on you! I still heart you though! :)

  3. i love the boots Ava! and thanks for the wearing again the necklace :)

  4. i love your satchel collection ava! :)


  5. Great combination, babe!! :) Super cute and affordable your boots, kaaliw! ♥♥


  6. those are really cool :) love the outfit+color combination. super cute!

  7. Your boots look so cute! Love your outfit!


  8. Oh my god! I've been looking for a solution to my rain weather = ruined shoes problem. Must buy a pair now.


  9. That satchel is really something! And love the outfit! <3

    Almira :)

  10. Love the boots! looks so comfy!


  11. I sooooooo love your booooots Ava and the bag! Super drool ako! :P

  12. I luuuuurve your satchel Ava! So cute! And you look absolutely adorable in your rainy day gear! I haven't been here in so long I had to read a lot of back entries! (gaaaah!)

  13. I love everything, especially your boots!!!! :)

    Please check out the cute ribbon necklaces I'm selling! :D You might like them, miss ava! :D


  14. Wow! This is the first time I've seen something like this. I agree, boots should be an essential during the rainy weather. I don't understand why it's still such a big deal to others when someone steps out in high boots.


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