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by - March 01, 2012

Been in the blogsphere for 7 years now and yet I still can't believe whenever I see myself in magazines or newspapers. It feels surreal that I have to look at them over and over to know they're real. Of course, I can't thank enough the people who feature me. I feel grateful and truly blessed with all these blessings coming in my life. Thank you so much, Lord!:)

If you, guys still remember I was one of the Fashion Correspondent during the Coke-Bench Fashion Show. That was already overwhelming enough, but I didn't expect for us to be featured in Philippine Star Newspaper last February 26, 2012.
Thank you for the heads up and photo, Krissy!
I was still in Baguio when Krissy tweeted about this, so imagine my excitement!

Next is something I found out through my email. Thanks to my friend, Cat Trivino for this!:)

I was chosen to be a style correspondent along with Cheyser, Elisa and Kaye for Mega's 20 Most Stylish!:) Isn't that amazing?? What was more amazing was when I saw the write-up about it on their site! Here's a bit of it...

"As our Style Correspondent, you'll be tasked to do exclusive celebrity interviews and style reports prior for the stars prior to and during the event itself. Your article and its accompanying photography will be posted on as a MegaStyle Contributor entry, along with the rest of our veteran fashion bloggers, namely Ava Teof Artsy Fartsy AvaCheyser P of The Walking RecessionistaKaye Awitin of Style Flux, and Elisa Aquino of The Dream Factory as we gear up for one of the most exciting parties this season!"

To be called a VETERAN fashion blogger is just too awesome! I'll actually be interviewing a famous fashion host, model and editor later!:) I hope I don't get too nervous! Oh and they're still looking for a 5th style correspondent, so check out MEGASTYLEPH to know the mechanics!:)

And of course, last but certainly not the least, because growing up as a teenager, I've always been a Candy girl at heart and dreamed of one day gracing their pages...... More like a dream come true now. ;)


The feature is about fashion bloggers showing you how to dress right for your shape and size. Being the thin and tiny girl that I am was in charge of the PETITE side. ;) I actually feel taller here! I'm also with fellow bloggers, Lissa Kahayon, Dani Alip and Lexi Gancayco, so please do grab a copy!

For this issue, Candy Magazine is giving away a charm bracelet!;) Thank you so much to, Sir Jed Gregorio, Patti Sunio and Candy Magazine for this! ^_^

For all the features and opportunities I am getting, it's all for God and the people who believe in me! That's all!:) Happy bean, I am!

x A.F.A.

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  1. aww!! that is awesome! :) Congratulations sa mga nyan. im pretty sure there will be more for you! <3 Thanks for the nice comment on my blog ava! keep safe

  2. Super happy for you and proud at the same time for all your achievements :D
    A person with a pure heart, like you, deserves nothing but the best ! <3

    Love you Achi <3


  3. OMG I'm so happy for you! :) And so happy for me coz now I have a reason to buy Candy again. Haha. Miss writing for them :(

  4. Congratulations for the features, babe!! :) We all know you deserve it. I'm sooo happy for you!


  5. GREAT POST <3
    very lovely dear
    i'm following you
    mind to follow back :)

  6. Congrats! May more blessings come your way Ava :)

    Btw, I hope you can join my blog's birthday giveaway here:

  7. You definitely deserve the features Ava! You look so lovely in your Candy Mag feature and I adore your shoes too! :)

  8. Congratulations Ava! :) I love your look!!! :) Many more blessings will surely come..:)


  9. So happy for all of your blessings! :) I'm sure there's more to come!


  10. wow great achievement! congratulations!

    following you now
    hope you can follow back :)

    thank you

  11. wow!! kakainspire... =))) at promise hangkyut mo po sa candy!

  12. i love that shirt you're wearing in candy!!!! congrats babe, coffee again soon :)

  13. Oh wow, great feature on Candy, Ava! So pretty! Congratulations! ♥

  14. Awww, congrats love! Super happy for you!!! As in! I'm surely going to grab a copy!

  15. sorry.. kinda busy that's why now lang uli nkagawi sa blog mo idol.. :) congrats to all your achievements! happy for you so much!!! Promise, I will buy the magazine later.. :) ♥

  16. :"> Heehee. Glad to have you on board, Aves! ♥ Super gorgeous spread on Candy, too! :)

    xx Cat

    PS. Join my PERFECT SUMMER Giveaway!


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