Baguio adventure: Day one!

by - March 01, 2012

Days have already passed and yet, I am still on Baguio-high. I never expected to be this in love with a city here in the Philippines and I can't thank PLDT enough for taking us there for 3 days to cover the Panagbenga Festival 2012, experience the free #baguiowifi and to just have fun. :)

The first thing we did as soon as we got to Baguio was have lunch at Cafe by the Ruins. I think this place is quite the tourist attraction when it comes to their food. Oh and may I just say that our Baguio trip was composed of a lot of eating? And I mean, A LOT. You'll know what I mean as you keep reading. =P
Greetings from Baguio!


Hot chocolate!
My Baguio family! Pax, Ana, Tracy, New blog friends; Calvin and wife Tia Lo, Tribal DDB's Arianne and Ms. Odie :)
Just blogging this, I already miss the bread and kesong puti and my Baguio family!^_^

After our lovely lunch at Cafe by the Ruins, we headed to our home for 3 days at Villa Edita to have a little rest. But no resting happened, because all we did was talk and revelations. Alam naaaaa! What happens in Baguio. ;)

Uwian na! Thanks to beb Ana for the photo!

Aside from the chikkas, we also had a brief meeting about PLDT wifi. In this meeting we learned that we had FREE WiFi access while we were in Baguio and even during the Panagbenga Festival. Hence, the hash tag: #baguiowifi. Baguio will also be getting free WiFi for month! In line with this, PLDT also wants to know where do you want the PLDT WiFi Zone to tap next?:)

Almost 5 PM, we headed to Mines View Park to explore one of Baguio's tourist spots and to buy a few pasalubongs as well...

People keep staring but we keep walkin!

One thing I love during our stay in Baguio is that, our relationship as blog friends grew even more. We learned a few things about each other and there were no harsh judgements, only acceptance. It's the truth when I mentioned in some of my features that the best perk I got through blogging is the friends I gained a long the way.  :)

Did I mention, we kept eating on this trip?=P

Hi Calvin!!:)

Taho moments! They had strawberry syrup!! So AWESOME!


Inihaw na pusit and mais! Super good! *cravings* :) I wanna go back here so I can gain weight. =P

After Mines View Park, we went to Zola Restaurant to have dinner. :)


If you're wondering what we're doing here, We were all given a card that allowed us to have FREE 30 minutes worth of WiFi, so we were all busy logging in our username and password here . We were quite hooked to it, to be honest. Can you sense the concentration?? =P

I'm not sure if we have Zola Restaurant in Manila, but it was my first time to try it and the foods pretty good. I enjoyed my chocolate milkshake and pizza the most!


There should be a hash tag for this: #nomnomnomnomnomnomnom!!!

When dinner was over, the girls and I got the chance to do our own thing and we went out for some tea/coffee at Starbucks and attended Sponge Cola's gig, thanks to Tracy!:) She knows Yael! Cool beans!

beanie lovin'

Perfect for the chilly weather at night! Thank you to, PLDT!;)


It was my first time to watch Sponge Cola Live and I enjoyed every minute of it. All the more, because Tracy and the girls kept singing to me nonstop. Lol!=P The members of the band were all super nice as well. Love how friendly Yael and Gosh were!:)

Alas, ended out first night with this photo...


Thank you so much, Beb Ana, Pax and Tracy for being the best company I could ever ask for and to PLDT and Tribal DDV for making this trip really awesome and taking really good care of us. :)

Next up is Baguio Adventure Day two!!:)


x A.F.A.

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  1. love ya beb! enjoyed looking back sa ating trip through your post :) mwah!

  2. Fun times :) I miss Baguio. The food looks soooo good!

  3. really like this post :)
    a very wonderful experience :)

    paint it stripes

  4. wow.. love your adventure.. your friends are really a treasure. :)


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