Baguio adventure: My Baguio baby!

by - March 07, 2012

As soon as the Panagbenga Festival 2012 ended, we all went down from PLDT's roof deck and onto their office to wait for our next activity and that's when I met this cute 1 year old named, Jayden. :) She wasn't tough to spot since she was the cutest thing in the room and I'm 101% sure you'll agree with me...

Going on a 3 day trip to Baguio also meant that I had to be away from Athan and believe me, that wasn't easy. That was actually the first time I was ever away that long from him. That's why when I met Jayden, I poured all my attention on her, because she reminded me of my own bebe. Also, plus points cos she's a girl!!^_^

BTW, it was no easy task to get her attention and to like me. Since babies naturally go for their real moms or people they know, it was hard for me, because, obviously, I was a total stranger to her. But I tried my motherly charm and luckily, it worked!:)

See!:) We're close already! Mother peg lang!


For a 1 year old, she sure knows how to use her utensils and eat really well. Too cute!!!:)

We got so close that...

She wanted me to stay beside her while I was eating dinner. She even instructs me eating my chicken first, then rice, then keep eating some more!:)) She's funny.


I love every minute I got to spend with Jayden. One of the many things I will miss about our Baguio trip. :) Nothing beats this picture! This is what you call, priceless. Thank you so much to my Beb Ana for the photo! 

Before parting ways, I just had to have a video with her...

Sigh.. Will definitely keep this and always remember the fun times we had!:)

So sad that after this i'll blog one last time about our Baguio trip. :( It's like parting with an old friend. Sigh. But at least I'll always have good memories!

x A.F.A.

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