#KONY 2012

by - March 08, 2012

This will only take 30 minutes of your time. It isn't much. Let's help in the smallest way we can by spreading what Joseph Kony has been doing and to finally have justice for all his victims. Let's help the abducted children get back to their families. Not all people know Joseph Kony, so with this video and Twitter, so let's make Joseph Koney famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice (-invisible children). Influence JUSTICE!

Spread: #KONY2012

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  1. Dear Ava, I'm a serious follower of yours and i really think you have a considerable amount of followers. Thats why i am writing as a concerned follower. Okay, maybe we should rethink this KONY 2012 thing. Supporting the Invisible Children organization for one thing is supporting VIOLENCE and MILITARY INTERVENTION. You're supporting the Ugandan army who also have crimes of rape and stealing and murdering innocent children.

    And don't forget that Kony runs an army of children, meaning the troops you're supporting through the Invisible Children will be fighting against and killing those children too.

    Since when was violence the solution to violence? How will getting the US troops involved in a war that isn't theirs to fight solve anything? How many years and lives did it take again before Saddam Hussein was caught last time? This conflict isn't as simple as "send out an army to fight the army and we all live happily ever after." There are other conflicts in that region between the LRA and the Government and adding even more pressure to this will only cause more pain to the people.

    "STOP AT NOTHING" is a pretty demanding tagline. Does this mean that we shouldn't stop until Kony is killed? How do we even know that taking him out of the picture will solve the problem? How many people will have to die first?

    I'm all about a good cause - especially when a good case has a good result that aims to give a good future for Children. Im all for the Invisble Children's goal. But before you share, tweet, or post anything. Please try to do a little research and present all the facts.

    Do you know that the Invisible Children only donates 31% of the donations that they get to the Ugandan government? 31% - to a govt that is the first to admit that they pillage, murder, rape and abduct children. the rest of the money goes to the founders of the organization to use for the video, travel plans and salary.

    rather than telling everyone to share, post and tweet about KONY 2012, why don't you present your facts, present your opinion and let everyone come to their own judgement.

    Try reading http://visiblechildren.tumblr.com/ and think for yourself.

  2. Well you said on your tweet that you don't have the time to do research... but you have the time to watch it and write a blog entry about it? hmmmmm... Ok Yeah!

  3. To Mr./Ms. Anonymous, like you I'm also a serious follower of Ava. I have to say that you have a valid point regarding the violence that this movement implies. If the ultimate objective of Kony 2012 is materialized, it's a certainty that countless lives will be lost along the way. However, nature dictates that when life itself is at stake, conflict definitely becomes inevitable.

    I haven't bought into this advocacy simply because I don't know much about what's going on in that region. But when I saw the links for Kony 2012, it immediately got me into reading about who Joseph Kony is and what he has done to earn his status as a globally hated villain. Violence or no violence, it's clear that what the LRA is doing should be stopped. Ultimately, only time will tell if arresting or killing Kony will make Uganda a better place for its people.

    As of now, Kony 2012 has made people more aware of the atrocity occurring in Uganda and I guess that's better than nothing. We can spread the issue even if we don't support the movement that advocates it or we can support it entirely, regardless of the consequences it entails. I think it really doesn't matter how we do it. The important thing is, people are informed of what's going on. From there, we raise our chances of somebody coming up with a better solution to the problem.

    By sharing your opinion, you gave us a glimpse of the other side to this sad reality. It would have made your opinion more credible if you didn't shroud yourself in anonymity.

  4. Hey, first, this is not your blog, you can't tell Ava what to blog or not. Second, if you gotta problem with the institution, go make your own campaign man...seriously. Why do have to be so rude.


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