Lunch and Bazaar

by - March 10, 2012

Last Saturday, the family and I went over to CPK, Glorietta to splurge our GCs and to try their food for the very first time. We actually didn't know what to expect, but even so, we ordered for an appetizer, two main course and two bottomless iced tea for the price of Php 1500. :)


Classic Caesar
White Pizza
Spaghetti Vongole
Raspberry and Lemon Iced Tea
All in all I would rate CPK a 4.5. The service is good and so is the food. I just wish their servings were a bit bigger, because some are a tad small for the price of Php 400-500+. Oh and I super love their Caesar salad. The taste wasn't too strong and it made me crave for more! :)

After lunch, headed over to the SuperSale Bazaar at WTC to see the wonderful people of the world wide web and of course to show my support!


Got to see Tati again! We already met during her last bazaar, but unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me at the time, so no pictures. :( That's why I really had to make up this time around and look how cute her booth is! Bubbles accessories were selling like hot cakes! Fast, fast, fast! Thank you, Tati for always being so nice to us bloggers!

Next up, I went to visit the Gold Dot booth and spotted the owner Ms. Ali and designer Karl Leuterio!


Will be getting my hands on one of Gold Dot's Blanc collection! Guess what!!^_^ So cute, right?? Love their stuff!

After looking at a few booths, I paused for awhile and went to see my ladies! Look! The booth of Pax, Ana and Aie...


Missed hanging out with these girls! We're still not complete and I can't wait till we all get to meet and bond again! Labas tayo, girls!!!

Remember my Avocado satchel from SOS? Well, they have new colors and stuff! Saw them at the SuperSale bazaar too and of course was happy to see the owner and friend, Bianca again!:)


So diggin' the orange color!:) Oh if only I was rich!:))

Saw a few more good friends while spotting good finds at the bazaar...
With ANTON!:)


Reg at her PEACE LOVE FASHION booth. I still want that high lighter-looking skirt, Reg!!:))

Next to Ana, Pax and Aie's booth was the La Petite Filles duo; Nikki Sunga and Anne Solomon. :)


I really admire, Nikki and Anne as best friends. They're both so stylish, pretty and entrepreneurs as well! Heads up to RUCKUS and SUPERFLUOUSLY! Love their accessories and carry-all bag!

Other great finds...


Shoes from DAS. Drooling over the colored strappy! It's SO me!

Super cute bracelets...


The owner of this shop gave me a flyer, but for some reason, I can't find it in my bag anymore. :( *sad* But don't they look so cute? Want!

I wish I got to take more photos of great finds, but Athan was such a pinball that day, so go figure. =P We did however get the chance to eat Mochi ice cream before leaving!


Hmmmmm... ^_^ Yum!

That's all! Did you go to the SuperSale Bazaar last weekend? How was your experience?:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. hay i wish may mga ganun din dito. hehe

    love the strappy sandals too. :)see you again in BU3, ava. xx

  2. OOOOooohh!!! Super Sale Bazaar! Went there last March 3. HAHA! The stuff they were selling are soooo niiiicceee! I wanted to buy more! Especially the satchel!!! I wanted it sooo baaadd.... but I didn't bring enough cash with me. Also, how I wish I spotted you there. I definitely would've asked to take a picture with yoooouuuu!! >_<

  3. Oh wow!!! The items are so cool.. The satchel bags and DAS shoes are to die for!! Wish we had a supersale bazaar here in Cebu..

    Kisses! xxx

  4. Hi Ava! Those cute bracelets are from blurbstore. :)

  5. Too bad I missed this :) looks like there were a lot of interesting finds there. At least I didn't spend :))


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