Stationery girl

by - March 10, 2012

 Went to GH today with Sarah, Ana and Angel . Supposedly, we were going to watch a play at Promenade, but that didn't push through because the contact person of Angel wasn't answering her phone calls and besides, we were all late. =P Show time was exactly at 3PM and some of us got there by 3:30 or 4PM already. Oops! But we still stayed at Greenhills to have lunch at Sbarro, make chikka over coffee/milk tea and window shop. :)

For today's outfit, I went for a slightly boho-look and when the girls saw me, they immediately dubbed me as the "Stationery girl." =P You know the stationery we collect as young girls and there can be girly images there? Well, I look like that raw. =P


If you don't get our drift, here's a picture I found on the net...
I don't know how to describe it further, so I hope you get it. :))


I am really in love with my new dress from All Dolled-Up. My Beb Ana even said that the color makes me look much whiter than I already am. Aside from that, I think sea foam and white have the perfect combination. Dainty, in fact! Plus, I am diggin' the peter pan collar. ;) Thank you, Stella of All Dolled-Up for my pretty dress!


Dress: All Dolled-Up | shoes: Paris Dreams | studded bracelets: bubbles | tribal bracelet: mia casa | hat and violet tribal bracelet: baguio


BB girls unite! From L-R: Angel, Mine and Ana's. :) We went to the cell phone tiangge at GH and can't stop ogling at the iPhone casings. They were all so pretty! Why can't BB have more cute casings??


Didn't get to take much pictures today, but I certainly had fun with my girls!:) Great Saturday!

How was your Saturday?:) Hope you all had a good one!

x A.F.A.

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  1. So cute how you do look like a "stationery girl", Ava! It was nice seeing you and Keigh last night. :) :)

  2. cuteeee!!!! love your wedges ava! :)

  3. Life size "stationery girl". Really adorable. <3.

  4. Masmaganda sana kung "The Stationery Girl Athelbert isn't a Narcissist". Hahahahahahahhaa. Had a good time with you girls. Dapat pala lagi ako maginvite sa events para macancel and magchika nalang tayo. :p And I love how you said "some of us were late"... ... ... Ahem. Haha.

    P.S. I can see your shooooooorts. Hee!

  5. i love the outfit! especially the hat where did you get it? :)

  6. Really in love with this look, babe! One of my favorites from Artsy Ava! ♥ Cuteee super!


  7. Love the outfit Aves! you look so lovely ;)


  8. You look adorable Ava! Blue looks amazing one your skin :)


  9. Been wanting those wedges for the longest time! Adorable! :)

  10. Cute outfit!! You're sooo pretty!!

    Join my POCHI purse giveaway!! :D

  11. Super Cute Outfit, love the color(",)..

  12. oo nga! prang stationary girl nga :D lovely dress and shoes ava!

  13. Cute outfit and yes the color made you even whiter. Saya lang talaga to bond with friends even for a while diba.

    Namiss ko tuloy mga friends ko :( Will ask them out nga, hehe.

  14. Love you look Ava! I knew you from's page. She featured you :) Stay pretty!


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