MOSBEAU: Taking Beauty to the Next Level

by - March 27, 2012

Last week I attended the press launch of Mosbeau's Advanced Placenta White Food Supplement at Makati. To be honest, I am quite hesitant to attend beauty events that involve whitening products for the sole reason that I am already white and I don't think I would need to take any of it. But since I am open to learning about the different brands we have here in the Philippines, I opted to go. Plus, it's the second time that Paul's PR company invited me to an event again. Must support friends!:))


When Beb Ana and I got to Mosbeau's office, I learned that we were actually going to meet their endorser, Angel Locsin in person. It came to a surprise, because it would be my first time to see her in person and have an intimate gathering with her along with other bloggers. :)

While waiting, we can't help but take photos...


Spot Paul and Bestie of PMP Communications. ;)
At this event I also met a few beauty bloggers that I haven't met in other events yet. It was really nice to talk to new set of friends. ^_^

Before Angel entered the area, Paul briefed us a bit and I find it odd that Paul isn't a blogger this time but a boss! Work mode! Naks!;)


And finally, the girl of the hour, Ms. Angel Locsin...


I just had to take a full body shot of her outfit. Isn't it so cute how she paired her orange Chanel bag with purple heels? Love the color blocking!:)

I'm really glad I went to this event, because I learned from Angel Locsin herself why she actually endorsers and likes Mosbeau...


She mentioned that Mosbeau for her isn't just a whitening supplement but also something she takes when she feels stressed and wants to look good. She takes 2 tablets when that happens and 4 when she actually needs to be whiter in some of her movie roles. Even her dermatologist recommended Mosbeau to her without even knowing she endorses it!:) Her make up was just subtle that day, so you can really see the effects on her cos she's so radiant!

She also told us that being beautiful doesn't require you to be sexy like the girls we see in magazines. For her being sexy is eating right and staying healthy. :) She's so inspirational! Did I mention super humble and nice? She even followed me on Twitter after praising her cute bag!^_^

After her intimate talk with us, she showed us what's in her bag! How exciting!


A few of the things I remember her showing us was...

* a cute packet of tissue- she loves the ones with designs (something we have in common!)
*a fan incase Phil has a game. Yiii... ^_^
*a few cards, wallet and a checkbook
*gum and fresh mint- so she'll always stay fresh when talking to people

Those are just some. :)

After our bonding with her, she went over to the conference room to finally talk to the press about Mosbeau's new products. While getting settled, we also had a yummy buffet lunch courtesy of Mosbeau. :)

With Ana, Bec, Angel, Arg and Martha :)
Now to the press launch!
Cute how Angel and one of Mosbeau's bosses is laughing. Maybe at Paul's funny ways?:)

About Mosbeau Placenta White Food Supplement...

Do It All, Have It All --- with Mosbeau Placenta White All-In-One Facial Cream and Soap
Get all the benefits of an anti-aging cream, moisturizer, skin-whitener, sun block and make-up base in just one amazing cream: Mosbeau Placenta White All-In-One Facial Cream. It contains Placental Protein, one of the latest active skin-whitening ingredients from Japan, clinically proven to be effective in whitening, anti-aging and cell renewal.  And because it has active ingredients known to give you total beauty solution, it works hard to give your skin a youthful glow --- in one easy application.  
Mosbeau’s beauty process won’t be complete without the wonders of bubbles, found in Mosbeau Placenta White All-In-One Facial Soap.  The soap’s hardworking bubbles provide all your skin care needs like cleansing, moisturizing, cell renewal and anti-aging. As you work hard to achieve clearer and whiter skin, the foam works even harder to give you all that you need to have that clean, enviable skin.  Rich with Placental Protein that’s clinically proven safe and effective this soap works wonders in achieving the skin that you rightfully deserve.
With Mosbeau Placenta White All-In-One Facial Cream and Soap, you can forget about tedious skin care regimen.  Now, all you need is in one easy step. Indeed, being beautiful has never been this convenient. 
Mosbeau Takes Beauty To The Next Level
--- with the all new Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement!
What used to be just 5 ingredients, now comes in a more potent formulation of 10 advanced ingredients, all working together to create the ”most beautiful” skin transformation for Asian women. Whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, skin cell renewal ---- all these, in one powerful brand:  Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement.  
Set to take beauty to the next level, this new and advanced formulation aims to be every Asian woman’s realization of skin perfection. Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement is 100% made in Japan. For women who want to take beauty to the next level, it’s not just a must-try. It’s a must-have. 
As it launches here in the Philippines, Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement will also be available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Guam, Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and Kuwait by April 2012. 

Nothing To Hide, Everything To Flaunt --- with Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream! 
With the advanced skin whitening power of its main ingredients Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract and Placental Protein, Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream lets you get rid of your skin’s unsightly dark spots. It works hard in making dark spots like underarm, inner thighs, elbows, and knees look fairer and smoother, in as fast as 14 days. 
Made with Placental Protein, nourishing plant extracts and deodorizing essences, it does not only lighten dark areas of your skin, it also keeps you feeling clean and dry all day. And because all ingredients are 100% made in Japan, you are assured of its quality, safety and potency.  In fact, bearing the gold standard for skin whitening, Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream was hailed by Watsons as the 2011 Most Innovative Product of the Year for its commendable quality and efficacy.
Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream.  Kiss your dark spots goodbye, and say hi to a more beautiful, more confident woman. 

We got pretty excited when we heard how fast and effective Mosbeau works that Beb Ana and Angel actually got giddy upon hearing that we were going to take home our own Mosbeau Advanced Placenta White Food Supplement. :)

I truly enjoyed this beauty event. I'm glad I went and learned a few things about Mosbeau and for one, it isn't just all about whitening products, but can also give your skin a youthful glow. :)
Thank you so much to Paul, Bestie and PMP Communications for having me!
x A.F.A.

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  1. Too bad I missed this. I was invited by Bestie but had work. Boo!

  2. She's goregous!!!

  3. Ikaw na ang maputi! Haha. Twas great to see you there, Ava. :)

  4. So sad I wasn't able to go to this one :( My schedule that day was just all over the place! Darn it. Glad to see you girls had fun though! So jealous that you got to talk to Angel Locsin! :)

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