The Postura Project: Day 10- Mrs. Captain America

by - April 28, 2012

Sorry for the "feelingera" title up there. haha!:)) I honestly didn't notice that I wore the colors of Captain America when I dressed up today. I only noticed when the movie was over. Fail!=P But I really was settled on having a Captain America themed outfit for Avengers. I had it all planned out since last month that I was gonna even get a Captain America tee from SM!:) But that didn't work out, so I'm glad my spontaneous outfit worked perfectly for today's movie date with the family. :)

I got this dress from a local online store, Fashion Fruit. I love the flow of the fabric and that it has this subtle sexy look. The dress looks way better in person. :) :) They also have more colors, so if you wanna see just click the link! 

For my accessories, I chose a beautiful necklace sent to me by Marge Abas of Estrellas Manila. I've adored her shop since I started online shopping and I'm sure you'll know from this neck piece why I love her quirky creations. :)

One of the things I placed on my birthday wish list was to own a clutch bag, because I find it to make any outfit look chic and classy. Finally, my wish came true and got a blue Elise clutch bag from A.L.T. Manila. Will write more about them on my SHOPS TO LOVE section soon!

For my Postura Project Day 10, I am wearing ALL "Filipino-made" from head to foot!:)

shoes: sm parisian | feather bracelet: bell charms | charm bracelets: mia casa

Got to wear my bright red wedges again from Parisian! The color is just awesome this summer. :)

Hope you all had a great Saturday! Won't spoil regarding The Avengers, but I recommend you watch it! Love it so much!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Really love your wedges, babe!! :) You also look so fresh with this outfit, ganda ng fit ng dress sayo! ♥ See you soon, please? :)


  2. well hello fashionista! first off, that skull necklace is so rad! i love skulls :) second, i love how your shoes allow your necklace to stand out! are your shoes wedges? i love wedges. haha. and also, i really love the ruffles on your dress. awesome blog! where ya from? take care! :)

    - Melissa

  3. oh my, i miss reading your blog. love the new lay-out and your hair! nice dress btw!

  4. You look great, Tey! Love the dress! :)

    Keigh Jalbuena

  5. i love your blue dress!! the fit and flow is so nice indeed as seen from your photos!! so chic!!

    paint it stripes

    New Outfit Post is up, Hope you can check it out :)

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  7. Lovely accessories!! :)


  8. this is really gorgeous! <3

    btw, i have a giveaway right now. mind joining? :)))

  9. nice blue color

  10. Beautiful!
    I love the contrast betwenn the dress and the shoes. The necklace is gorgeous!



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