Sixteen Days

by - April 05, 2012

Just 16 days till my 23rd Birthday and its been a habit of mine to make wish lists. I think it started out with Christmas, but since that's over, I made a new one for my birthday. :) I just want to make it clear though that I don't expect to get everything on my wish list. Sometimes I even imagine not getting any of it, but isn't it fun to just make a wish list and who knows someday I can buy it for myself. :)

For now, here are the things I wish for on my birthday...

 Michael Antonio: Tish Tribal Heels
 Esprit Marin watch
 S.O.S.:13 inch orange satchel
 Captain America Tee
 Tonic: Blake Clutch
 Faded daisy dukes
 Extreme Finds: Neon necklaces

And the last part is pretty much just anything tribal. :) I am pretty obsessed with tribal prints, as you can see here at my blog. I don't think i'll ever get tired of them. I love it to bits!

Well, that's all! I'm just happy that it's finally April, my birthday month! I can't thank God enough for all the blessings and opportunities he has showered me with. I am happy.♥ 

Hope you all have a solemn holy week!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Parehas tayong April celebrant, hehe. I am also fond of making list pero instead of wish list I call it dream board and it all started nong napanood ko yung The Secret.

  2. Soon enough you'll get all these and more!! :) Alam nating deserve mo yan, babe! ;) Advance happy birthday!! ♥


  3. this is so you, Ava! the bright happy colors & all. hope your wishes come true! :D

    boat ride through the sky

  4. AVA! you wishlist is so you! Same with your blog layout... so colorful the Ava Te way.! love it.

  5. hi! i'm selling a neon necklace on my online stores, you might want to check it out! :)



    advance happy birthday! :D

  6. Advance Happy Birthday Ava :) I like those ombre shorts too!


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