The Body Shop Summer Sale!!:)

by - April 03, 2012

Attended The Body Shop's event last week with my girl Pax over at Glorietta. We were actually two hours late due to extreme traffic, but thankfully, the really nice PR, Ms. Joyce and Angel patiently waited for us and we were able to experience The Body Shop's Summer Sale!:)


I actually grew up with The Body Shop. My Mom is such a fan that my conditioner growing up was their Banana conditioner. Until they discontinued it, but now it's back!:) My mom and I also love their scrubs, lotion and shower gels. :)

One of the many things I love about The Body Shop is this...


Kudos to Corporate responsibility!

When we got there, they gave us Php 1000 worth of GCs to shop...


This made Pax and I feel relaxed after the stressful traffic we had to deal with. :)

Some of the things that The Body Shop has on sale that might interest you!
On SALE: Makeup stuff, body mists, Men's perfume, shower gels and more!:)
They also have a few lotions and perfumes on sale! Got the Olive Oil-Dry oil mist. :)
Calling all EARTH LOVERS!  SAVE 30%...Get these 100% Biodegradable shower gels!
Don't you just love the big discounts?? 40% OFF, 30% OFF and even up to 50% OFF!:)

And now to some items that weren't on sale, but I super love!
Love love love their WHITE MUSK perfume. It's a tad expensive though, but the scent is just so dreamy!
Soft bristle brushes. :)
Makeup galore! I'm sure a lot love their cheek and lip tint, right??;)
NEW IN: Natural Lip Roll-On and Hand Cleanse Gels
Amazing how they now have hand cleanse gels and in my favorite scent, Pink grapefruit!^_^

Aside from all that, I think The Body Shop is also perfect when it comes to gift giving in all occasions, because they have the best gift packs to offer. :)
Fragrance Diffuser for the house or room?:)
Baby shower, graduation or birthday?:) Get these!
I know Valentine's Day is up already but this Chocolate scent may still be perfect for anniversaries. :)
Celebrate with The Body Shop!

The Body Shop always promotes their advocacy and here's one way you can help them...


Buy their tote bags for Php 295 each and all the profit from the sale of their BAG FOR LIFE will go to the CHILDREN ON THE EDGE FOUNDATION. :) You can also save Php 10 on total purchase every time you use this bag when shopping at The Body Shop!

For my purchases, since I am not much of a makeup person, I sticked with my favorites...


Born Lippy lip balm in Raspberry, Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist and Pink Grapefruit hand cleanse gel. :)

I am one happy girl that I got to experience The Body Shop's summer sale!


With Ms. Joyce, fellow blogger Sai, Me, Pax and Ms. Angel. :)

Thank you so much, The Body Shop for inviting me!

Now what are you waiting for?? Go and indulge yourself with The Body Shop this summer!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Ooo I think Ana went to this after our ASUS event. So nakakainggit. I love Body Shop!!! Hehe the reason why you're not ma-makeup is coz YOU DON'T NEED IT AT ALL, GIRL!!! Another nakakainggit moment. :p

  2. The only product that I've tried from The Body Shop is the Born Lippy. I so love them that I would like to buy every flavors, hehe.

  3. Always loved The Body Shop! :) Grew with their lotions and perfumes, sobrang fan yung Mom ko! Haha. And I also used their born lippies nung high school! ♥ Kaaliw this event! See you soon, babe! :)



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