by - April 07, 2012

First off, thank you to everyone who joined my STUDIO BOHEME x ARTSY FARTSY AVA giveaway. :) I received a total of 95 entries and it's really overwhelming to see that you loved this giveaway as much I did!:) I also had fun reading all your witty and funny answers to have your own satchel. :)) Sorry this took quite awhile, but I'm sure that the wait was worth it, because the 19 LUCKY winners of the STUDIO BOHEME GIVEAWAY are...

3 Winners of Php 1000 Vouchers

Angie Vianzon
Denzyll Jade Arcaya
Marie Lyzette Cuenca

5 Winners of Php 500 Vouchers

Melody Evangelista
Erika Trestine Iwakawa
Michelle Katherine Tan
Maria Theresa Espiritu
Nicolette Anne Yambao

10 Winners of Php 300 Vouchers

Angelica Angelo
Katherine Austria
Almira de Villa
Camille Gonzales
Aida Villanueva
Rachel Canales
Jayne Lois R. Orlina
Mae Anne Buencamino
Maria Eleazar
Crizelle Anne Tadifa

And finally, the winner of the CUSTOMIZED SATCHEL IS...

Mariella Vasquez

Congratulations to everyone who won!!:) Thank you so much again to Marqui Santos for this awesome giveaway!:)

To the ones who joined, but didn't win, don't fret, because I have good news for you all...


If you wish to purchase your own HoneyBadger Satchel at Studio Boheme's Multiply account, just simply type: ARTSYFARTSYAVA on the discount box and you automatically get discounts from STUDIO BOHEME!:) Cool, right?? So what are you waiting for??? Go have your own customized HoneyBadger satchel now!^_^

Thank you again to all who joined! Getting ready for my birthday giveaway next!;)

to all the winners, i'll be passing your name to Studio Boheme, so you can contact them for your prizes and purchases!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Thank You! Ms. Ava and Ms. Marqui of Studio Boheme. Godbless. :)

  2. Thank you so much, Ava and Marqui of Studio Boheme for the advance birthday gift. :)

  3. not so lucky idol.. congrats guys.. :)


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