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by - April 08, 2012

Once the month strikes April, nothing means more to me than it being finally summer. People going on trips, all of the students being on their summer break and that being said, I am really happy to be on my break right now and I’ve got so many things planned out! I want to go to the beach, spend time with my family and even have a little shopping time. With all that going on, I think I would need the perfect bag to tag along with me and fortunately just last week, I got this cute pink jelly bag from SM Department store. 
The first thing I did to test its durability and reliability was to bring it with me while I shopped at the mall, because I personally dislike lugging around plastic bags when I shop and when I commute home, I do not want to have to bring multiple bags on my arms, so I thought the SM Jelly Bag might be good to tote around...

 Was I right to bring it with me?

Verdict: Very much so! This is me after shopping already and as you can see, I don’t have plastic or even paper bags with me. The bag is actually spacious enough to carry my stuff ( wallet, cell phone, camera, kikay kit etc.) and even have space for the clothes I shopped for that day! Amazingly convenient and not to mention, it’s earth-friendly because I can eliminate plastic/paper bags when I shop and just put them in my SM jelly bag!
Plus, don’t you agree that it goes well with my outfit? Being a fashion blogger, it’s quite important that our clothes go well with our accessories and I think my pink jelly bag did a nice pop of color with my navy blue and white ensemble. ;)

Aside from shopping, my family and I are planning a beach trip this coming April or May  as well and I’m quite excited, so I tried seeing what I could pack in advance and what may fit in my SM Jelly Bag...
These are some of the things that i’ll be bringing along with us and having a baby means packing for him too and luckily, his stuff also fits in my bag! Cheers!
The thing that makes me not worry about using the jelly bag as a beach bag is that, I wouldn’t have to get worried about it getting dirty or wet, because the outer part is obviously waterproof and it being jelly, makes it easy to clean when sand gets stuck to it. :) Have a worry-free summer!

Lastly, like I mentioned above in my shopping part, it’s perfect to eliminate plastic, so I thought, why not also use it when I go to the grocery, right?
Even if you have wet food or slimy ones at that, it wouldn’t matter, because once you get home, you can clean the bag and it will be good as new again!:)

I guess you can say, I really have a lot of use for this bag and I’m sure you guys will too! 
Starting April 8, 2012, you too can get your own SM Jelly Bag!

Get ready this summer for something cute to bring along with you on your beach, mountain or any out of town trip with your family and friends. Because this April 8 to April 22, SM Department store greets summer with their bright jelly bags! I think nothing  welcomes summer more than vibrant colors and this jelly bag that you can put almost all your stuff in. The bag is just so big and even waterproof and easy to clean! :)
Now how to get these lovely Jelly Bags? As seen in the poster above, for a minimum of  Php 3,000 single-receipt purchase from April 8 to 22, you get a FREE JELLY BAG in your favorite color! So, what are you waiting for? Go get your Jelly Bags now and take outfit photos with it during your travels!
For more info go check out:

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  1. Wow! Such a fashionable jelly bag! :) It's also very spacious ha. :D Great for vacation and shopping!! ♥ Pretty babe! :)


  2. it looks very useful at the same time stylish! :)


  3. the jelly bag is super perfect for summer...and i love that you wore it out with polka dots on your top as well. polka on polka...<3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. Ang cute, cute Ava! Nag camouflage yung jelly bag sa top mo. Hehe :P

  5. this jelly bag is perfect! I can put my clothes and even a bit of food for our beach trip :> thanks for posting this :D

  6. I love the jelly bag! :)

  7. wow..i need that bag ASAP! so chic and functional! kisses! :)

  8. That sure looks pink and fashionable enough. :D It can help us save mother earth by reducing plastic use.

  9. You always look so fresh and polished!


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