Getting back on the loop

by - May 14, 2012

I think I jinx myself every time I say that, i'll try to be better at blogging and I'm officially back because every time, I end that post I often don't get back ASAP. :( But anyway, sorry I haven't been online so much lately. Been sick a lot and I don't quit understand my body. Maybe its the heat that's getting to me or something. I just hope I don't keep getting sick, because Athan and I have to go to school soon, plus I have work.

Also, wanna say sorry to all the sponsors who sent me things last week or weeks before that. I haven't been able to blog, because of my health. But please know that I really appreciate all of them and thank you for sending them over!:)

Anyhoo, here are some of the awesome stuff I got in the mail...

Pretty neon necklaces from Extreme Finds. Been wanting these for a long time! Definitely can spark any plain outfit. Oh BTW, one is for me and the other one will be up for grabs soon, so watch out for that!:)


New beautiful clothes from Blessed Online Shop, Sabrina, Miss Mannequin Clothing, and All Dolled Up. :) Can't wait to get better and take outfit photos again with these lovelies!


A sweet gift from Trunk Show. :) I find their transparent bag and shorts cute! I'm currently eyeing on their gold flats!


Two new bags from Winter Melon Fash. A tote to carry along with me during days that I have a heavy load and a small clutch bag during events or when I just need to make a quick trip out and have a hassle free bag. :) These come in other colors too, so check them out!


Quirky and colorful accessories from York Accessories. Loving the cool colors. Absolutely perfect for summer! They have a second collection out now. ;)


Military inspired accessories from DJA Designs. Thinking of stacking these two together and I bet they would look even better. :) Loving the sweet note beside it as well!


I got a bracelet, ring and necklace from Mel's Collection. :) As of now, the bracelet and ring is not with me, because of styling, but they're cute!


A bunch of quirky and sweet accessories from Bedazzle! Can't wait to style these!


Belt from Cevanne shop. This would go amazing with my plain dresses for sure! Also got a flip flop bag that I got to use on my trip (will post that soon!) :)


Last but not the least, Php 2000 worth of GCs from my Bench Family for my birthday. :)

Thank you so much to all my wonderful sponsors and for your patience with me! Hoping to blog more in the coming days and that I finally get better and stay healthy!

x A.F.A.

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  1. youre such a lucky girl to have all those cute finds!

  2. what an awesome life you famous bloggers are living

  3. I want everything!!! I'm soooo inggit!!! :)

  4. wow ang daming gifts! welcome back ava!! :D i missed reading your blog!!
    Rovie, The Bargain doll

  5. I hope you feel better soon, Ava. I miss you a lot :(

  6. Awww I miss reading your posts a lot Twin! :( Hope you feel better soon. The heat really is being such a burden. I'm having trouble with my health too lately. Can't wait to see you again ♥ Cool stuff btw! You're so blessed and you deserve them :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  7. love your new accessories Ms. Ava! excited to see your future outfits with these!

    ps: get well soon :)

    paint it stripes
    New Photo Diary is up on my blog, Hope you can check it out :)

  8. generous sponsors! :)

    please join my birthday give-away!


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